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PAUL Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

We are the world’s leading manufacturer of woodworking (circular sawing) machinery (circular saws) and systems for industrial processing of wood and plastics, as well as machines and equipment for the production of prestressed concrete (prestressed concrete technology).


Numerous innovations, improvements and well-tried technology of two brands at LIGNA

PAUL Maschinenfabrik, specialist for edging, ripping and cross-cutting of solid wood and panels as well as intelligent material handling solutions will be presenting futureproof circular sawing technology at LIGNA in Hannover...  [mehr]

Productivity Increase for Parquet Production

The company Bakonyerdö (owner of the parquet brand “Befag”) in Franciavágás (Western Hungary) is the leading manufacturer of sawn timber for the parquet industry and joinery trade. Due to many years of experience the trade name...  [mehr]

Ground Anchors at Hazelmere Dam Raising

Hazelmere Dam in South Africa, approx. 30 km north of Durban was reinforced and raised 7 m during 2015-2017 to nearly double the reservoir’s capacity.Specialist Ground Anchoring contractor SRG from Australia were contracted to...  [mehr]

Fully Automatic Panel Loading/Unloading Systems for Multirip Circular Saws

At times of rising wages automation is becoming an ever more important aspect in order to remain competitive in the long run. Also the customers of PAUL Maschinenfabrik are only too aware of this. As a worldwide renowned...  [mehr]

Optical inspection of button heads

Button-headed prestressing wires are frequently used in the manufacture of railway sleepers, poles and towers and are produced in series on automatic button heading machines. Replacing faulty prefabricated button-head tendons in...  [mehr]