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Training course

Operation and Maintenance Programming

Operation and programming of the MAXI CNC Control

The CNC cross-cut systems series 11, 14, 18 and PushCut are controlled via MAXI controls. These controls offer a multitude of possibilities in the processing and utilization of timber, e.g.
  • Partial optimization (the machine always cuts the longest possible preset length)
  • Partial optimization with waste limitation (waste pieces are limited to a maximum permissible length)
  • Full optimization (the control combines the preset fixed lengths in such a way that waste is reduced to a minimum)
  • Full optimization with priorities (on calculating the cutting pattern the control prefers the lengths that have been given a priority)
  • Quality optimization (the control optimizes within different quality sections and allocates any remaining pieces to the adjacent lower grade sections)
  • Value optimization (the control combines the preset fixed lengths in such a way that certain lengths of a higher value are preferred)
Apart from these "basic functions" the MAXI controls include a number of additional functions, e.g.
  • Simulation (the computer calculates in advance the probable outcome of a cutting operation if certain input parameters are known)
  • Statistics (production results are recorded in statistics)
  • Length sorting control (up to 99 sorting stations can be programmed and controlled. Before sorting a reasonability check is carried out)
So the CNC controls of the MAXI series not only serve to control the pure machine functions, but also have the following tasks:
  • Maximum timber recovery
  • Maximization of timber value
  • Waste minimization
  • Utmost ease of operation
  • Comprehensive documentation

The MAXI controls are easy to program. In particular, there is no EDP knowledge required as all the data can be entered as plain text data and the operation is menu-guided.

To be able to use the CNC cross-cut systems as effectively as possible and to utilize all possibilities to achieve optimum cross-cutting results, a detailed knowledge of the method of operation and programming of the MAXI controls is inevitable. The training course

  • imparts detailed knowledge of programming
  • introduces to the mechanics, electrics and electronics of the machine
  • and imparts knowledge of maintenance and trouble-shooting

1st day

  • Introduction into the mechanics of the cross-cut systems: maintenance and servicing
  • Introduction into the electrics: circuit diagrams, emergency stop circuits, sensors, electrically generated alarm/error messages, feed system
  • Introduction into the electronics: computer hardware, interfaces, exchange of p.c. boards, precautions
  • Programming: data input, cutting lists, priorities, automatic priorities, operating modes, programming from office PC
  • Optimization of cross-cutting operations: constant and variable machine parameters, control functions

2nd day

  • Optimization of the cross-cutting results: essential features of optimization, optimization strategies, quality optimization, use of simulations, statistics, graphs
  • Diagnostics, service and job systems
  • Network connection
  • Works managers
  • Production managers
  • Operating stuff
  • Technical service
Participant fee

The price of a CNC cross-cut system also includes the participation fee for training of max. 2 operators on the MAXI control. For each additional person from the same company participating at the same date we charge a fee of 400,- €. The cost for a training course at a later date is 1200,- € per participant. The participant fee includes the costs for work documents, drinks at break and lunch.


If possible, the operator training should take place immediately before the machine is delivered, i.e. commisioned. The training dates are advised in good time.
-The dates of the training course on demand-


Since the number of participants in a training course is limited, it is recommended that you announce your participation in time, i.e. not later than 4 weeks before the agreed date of shipment. In the case of an enrolment after commissioning the participation fee will be invoiced.

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