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Ripping, grooving and profiling of corrugated board and cardboard

For many years the PAUL Company has been well known as a manufacturer of custom-tailored multirip saws. They are ideally suited for ripping, grooving and profiling of all kinds of materials, such as particle board, plastics,...  [more]

Heavy-Duty PAUL 18GE CNC Cross-Cut System successful in operation

The PAUL 18GE cross-cut system at Anton Kessel GmbH (ANKE) has proved very successful in pre-edging waney-edged hardwood, i.e. beech boards. Approx. 50 cbm of beechwood pass through the cross-cut system per shift.The waney-edged...  [more]

New Panel Rip Saw K34G-UUU, now available with 3 bottom saw shafts

Due to a customer requirement PAUL extended its delivery range of multirip circular saws of the model series K34 which has proven successful for many years. So far, these machines were available with up to two bottom saw shafts.  [more]

Model K34G-UUU/1800

Timber processing days 2008

September 22nd and 23rd, 2008 at PAUL Maschinenfabrik.LIVE-SHOW on both days at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  [more]

CNC-Controlled Rip and Cross-Cut Systems

PAUL at XYLEXPO in Milano, Italy (27-31 May 2008)

Optimum timber yield and maximum profit are important key points in your production. PAUL rip and cross-cut systems stand for highest reliability, accuracy and modern user-friendliness. Expandable machine components combined with...  [more]

Push_Cut_CX with automatic feeding system (VacuSpeed)

In the following chapter please find some pictures of a Push_Cut_CX with "VacuSpeed"  [more]

Fig. 1

Special Multirip Saw K34G-OUR for the production of bed slats

PAUL special multirip saw for ripping curved laminated wood panels into bed slats and profiling the slat edges in a single pass. The most important features of the new machine technology that have contributed to a significant...  [more]

Saw shafts of the K34G‑OUR set up with profiling tools


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