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Event: 40 musicians from 13 bands

Schwäbische Zeitung, 2001-12-12

DÜRMENTINGEN / BAD BUCHAU - The Paul Maschinenfabrik Company held their Christmas Party at the Bad Buchau Health Center. Approx. 350 guests enjoyed an eventful evening, which included the presentation of long service awards.

The programme started with a performance by the 'PAUL brass band' in which 40 musicians from 13 different music groups participated. It was masterfully conducted by Kornelia Kettnacker, also a Paul employee, who presented the pieces "Happy Xmas", "The Rose", "Come all ye faithful" and "La Novia".

This performance was only possible thanks to intensive rehearsals and the extra commitment of each musician in their leisure time.

After a short welcoming speech from the works council chairman, Rudolf Frick, the managing director, Werner Paul, made his speech. He particularly thanked the Paul staff for their commitment during the past year, which was quite turbulent due to the new construction and relocation of the company, anniversary celebrations and two major exhibitions.

Optimistic about the future

Werner Paul also reflected on the current situation and referred to the low level of new orders in the circular sawing machinery sector. The overall unfavourable economic climate in the mechanical engineering industry also affected the old-established Paul company. Yet he looked optimistically into the future.

After dinner, Werner Paul together with the Mayor of Dürmentingen, Wolfgang Wörner, proceeded with the tributes for long company service.

Tobias Deufel, Siegfried Dornacher, Alexander Erb, Eugen Fuchsloch, Adolf Krüger, Wolfgang Locher, Josef Matejka, Hans-Jörg Pfeil, Bruno Schneider, David Zimmerling and Waldemar Zimmerling were honoured for 10 years' company loyalty.

Alfons May and Franz Zwick were honoured for 40 years' company loyalty. Erwin Scheidt, Hans Costa, August Ströbele, Hermann Meyer and Siegfried Dornacher have reached retirement.

Presentation ceremony with Werner Paul and Mayor, Wolfgang Wörner
Presentation ceremony with Werner Paul and Mayor, Wolfgang Wörner
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