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Fully automatic cross-cut system convinces in the furniture production in Brazil

Cross-cut system with Paul Wood Scanning System and two Cross-cut lines C11

Fully automatic high-efficiency systems are increasingly used in the timber industry - such as, for instance, by a South American furniture manufacturer who specializes in the production of pine furniture. The scanner system of their Paul C11_SCAN_DUO Cross-Cut Line not only contributes to a significant increase in productivity but also in timber yield. From the initial project planning phase the focus was placed on a particularly cost-effective and profitable solution for the entire solid wood processing chain, combined with high throughput rates and maximum yield optimization.

In this application the Paul Wood Scanning System needs to prove its full capabilities. Apart from typical defects and wood characteristics small cracks, pitch pockets, blue stain, brown rot and so on must be detected. Intelligent programming and program settings allow the recognition of surface structures that are very valuable to the automatic classification and quality grading.

At a scanning speed of approx. 3 m/sec all four faces of the workpieces are instantaneously detected and optimized. Cutting is effected by two C11 cross-cut lines. The overall system achieves a short time capacity of 80 – 90 m/min. Component and finger-joint lengths are automatically sorted by length and quality.

The Paul development engineers offer tailor-made solutions for a reliable production process of highly automated systems for the solid wood and panel processing industries.

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