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Increased flexibility in customized production

Cross-cut station and outfeed side with manual stacking

Loading of the next timber pack whilst the previous one is being cut

Stop for forming packs

The pusher positions the workpieces with great accuracy

Cross-cut station with waste belt

Outfeed sorting table

To achieve greatest flexibility in its case, pallet and packaging production the Ramsteiner Company based in Nordrach/Germany invested in a PAUL push-feed CNC cross-cut system which has been successfully operating since the middle of last year. It is a further development of the machinery manufacturer PAUL of Dürmentingen/DE and not the only PAUL machine at Ramsteiner.

For the manufacture of custom-tailored industrial packaging and custom-made items, mainly for transport by sea or air, they chose the PAUL Push_Cut_CX II with automatic push-feed system which convinced with its flexibility, efficiency and high accuracy. Even for varying incoming workpiece dimensions no changeover of the equipment is necessary, which is an important requirement in order to increase productivity in customized production. With its new PAUL system the case factory processes random timber sections of up to 300 x 150 mm or 400 x 50 mm singly or in packs, at a workpiece length of up to 6.3 m.

The workpiece length is measured during the return stroke of the push-feed system. The positioning of the workpiece is done very accurately. In addition, the push-feed system is maintenance-free and so further reduces idle times. At Nordrach the Push-Cut_CX II cuts square-edged, rough sawn, planed, green or dried softwoods or hardwoods which are then processed into special cases and packages and mainly sold to machine manufacturers.

The new CNC Cross-Cut System is very convenient to operate via the MAXI 6 COMPACT control with touch screen and makes work very much easier. It has been specifically developed for the Push_Cut_CX II and is just one of a number of new features. Over-dimensioned components make the machine even more robust than the previous model. The convenient saw blade replacement from the front has also been incorporated in the new model. The well proven inclined position continues to ensure very accurate workpiece guidance. On request, the Push_Cut_CX II is, however, also available in a horizontal version, as delivered to Ramsteiner, Nordrach which is of advantage if it is combined with optional automated handling components to further increase the efficiency of production. At Ramsteiner the machine is manually loaded, on the outfeed side extra high ejectors ensure that even workpieces cut in packs are reliably transferred to the collection table.

As standard, the Push_Cut_CX II is supplied with full optimization. It is also available with an optional luminescent scanner for defect cutting.

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