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Multirip saw XXL for panels up to 150 mm

Model SK/2200 for LVL panels with one saw shaft

Easy saw shaft exchange

PAUL has newly developed its heavy-duty multirip saw for thick panels. The multirip saws of the well-known model series K34 have been extended upwards. Decisive parts from the heavy-duty circular resaw of the model series S are used in the SK, as they have proven successful for many years already. While the maximum motor power for driving the saw blades is 90 kW with the K34, the SK, like the S-models, can be equipped with up to 250 kW. The cutting height is up to 150 mm with a saw blade diameter of 550 mm.

The SK is optionally available with a bottom saw shaft or also in combination with a top saw shaft. It is adjustable in height and is therefore perfectly suited for chamfering, grooving and profiling thick workpieces (OSB, OSL, LVL and particle board). The design with two saw shafts (SK-OU) is capable of processing both faces of the panel at the same time. The height of the saw shaft as well as the top roller height is detected via an absolute measuring system. The machines are available with an opening width from 800 mm to 2200 mm.

In the area of the saw blades, the model is equipped with an insert table, similar as with the K34. This ensures a chip-free bottom face of the workpieces. The insert table made of laminated wood the saw blades are cutting through can alternatively also be ordered in an aluminium version. It provides support for the workpieces directly at the saw blade. The tools are set up on the saw shaft using spacer rings. The saw is fitted with a system which allows an easy and quick exchange of the large saw shafts.

For safety reasons, the SK is completely provided with a protective covering. The control is either effected by a PLC control or a CNC control on LINUX basis.

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