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Solid, low-cost entry into scanner technology

Enclosed PAUL Wood Scanning System with integrated control terminal

The PAUL Wood Scanning System offers a solid entry into the world of scanner technology. Because of its low initial price tag and operating simplicity, this system provides a smart alternative – also for customers who previously considered the purchase of a scanning system to represent too heavy an investment.

When passing through the scanner, all four sides of the workpiece are quickly and precisely detected by laser projectors and cameras. The data gained by this process is used by the optimization software to calculate the cross-section and board geometry, and so recognize different quality areas in the offcut workpiece. The software package encompasses all optimization modes as well as fundamental statistical functions. The optimization result is generated with aid of value optimization and known algorithms, and is forwarded by the scan software to the CNC control of the cross-cutting station.

The functional mode of the PAUL Wood Scanning Systems not only allows calculation of the board geometry, it also recognizes knots, cracks, resin pockets, rough edges and other defects or uneven places in the wood. The result: facility for fast, precise and constant surface inspection. When dealing with difficult workpieces, the operator can influence the result by making suitable chalk markings.

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