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Control engineering made by PAUL

Suspended operating terminal with 12“ touch panel, joystick and additional buttons

Input on the touch panel using a pen

PAUL has been developing its own control systems for many decades, a strategy that has allowed it to maintain complete control over functional characteristics and maintenance and also guarantee its customers rapid servicing. PAUL CNC control systems are the culmination of many decades of experience and development to maximize user convenience and flexibility and to address customer needs. The control systems come in a number of variants for cross-cutting and edging/multi-ripping.

PAUL CNC control systems are characterized by the following features:

  • PC with high-performance multi-core processor
  • ETHERCAT bus system
  • LINUX operating system
  • JAVA user interface

The relevant functions for use in different machine types are implemented by the software, offering scope for customized adjustments as required.

The underlying PAUL CNC control principle is also successfully applied in handling equipment, in plant engineering and in other industrial fields such as building management systems, measuring, logging and control systems for component manufacture), testifying to its significant potential.

EtherCAT bus system

A field bus links the sensors and actuators to the machine's CNC control system. This ensures fast, standardized networking of machine components connected using standard commercially available Ethernet cables.

The standardized EtherCAT bus system (Industrial Ethernet) secures communication between the bus components of different manufacturers.

LINUX operating system

The LINUX system customized by PAUL has a range of benefits to offer, some of which cannot be found in standard commercially available operating systems. This highly stable operating system benefits from a high level of virus security and extreme response speeds. It offers true real-time capability and does not need to be shut down, eliminating data loss when switching off the machine or even following a power cut. LINUX provides investment security in a future-proof control system.

The operating system with its network capability also offers a series of functions with scope to further improve effectiveness for the customer. 

  • Remote maintenance, diagnosis and access
  • Software update facility
  • Maximum security through an encrypted VPN connection
  • Data transfer to the customer's own servers and databases
  • Accessing production data and statistics from any PC with networking capability
  • Access to the machine's user interface in line with parameterized access rights
  • Operating instructions can be accessed at the terminal

JAVA user interface

The graphic user interface is programmed in JAVA and ensures simple machine operation. Cut and saw blade positions are indicated at the display. Users are able to assess in advance how the end result will look. Cutting lists, parameters and other important data can be accessed in the form of clearly arranged tables at any time.

Operation generally takes place at the touch of a finger or stylus using a touch panel. Input devices such as joysticks, keyboards, mice and additional buttons provide application and customer-specific support for users during machine operation.

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