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Heavy-duty circular edgers and circular resaws with climb-cutting technology

SGL-1222 with comfortable alignment table, manual infeed, slab cross-cut saw and offcut separator

The machines of the model series SGL of PAUL are designed for extreme and rough use in sawmills as a pure resaw or as a combination machine for edging and resawing. Robust, heavy-duty and powerful. With opening widths of 900 to 1500 mm they offer the appropriate dimensions for any application. The climb-cutting technology of the SGL offers a number of advantages to the user. Optimum cutting results with low saw kerfs as well as longer tool lives are proven arguments. Moreover, the power requirement is reduced and there is no anti-kickback device required for the workpieces, but the workplace is nevertheless safe.

Drive motors up to a capacity of 250 kW provide the saw shaft with the necessary power to edge and rip the workpieces of 18 to 225 mm in thickness. Overhead tools in conjunction with a constant tool projection make it possible to process any timber thickness with the same saw blade diameter. The reduction to only one saw shaft results in first-rate cutting surfaces without offsets. Depending on their equipment, the machines can be used with or without saw positioning device. The minimum saw blade spacing of only 24 mm can optionally still be reduced. With the SGL, resawing can be effected into 1 – 4 strips, variably with side boards. A wear-free roller feed ensures a safe feeding of the workpieces through the machine; feeding is effected either manually, in a semi-automatic or fully automatic way. A modern control offers highest ease of operation as an interface between man and machine.

To increase the guiding quality, the machines of the model series SGL can optionally be fitted with a chain bed. Automatic offcut separators, slab cross-cut saws as well as a large number of further accessories are completing the SGL into customized edging and resawing lines.

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