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Optimizing Days 2012

Invitation to the Optimizing Days 2012

RAPID_SCAN_DUO cross-cut system with belt conveyor (1), PAUL Wood Scanning System (2), cross transfer to two cross-cut lines (3), RAPID cross-cut stations (4), sorting belt conveyors (5) and operator terminals (6).

Automatically linked timber processing line with buffer chain conveyor (1), AB-MA automatic infeed system (2), CGL universal rip saw (3), cross transfer conveyor (4), marking tables (5), buffer/feeding system (6), measuring stations (7), C11 cross-cut stations (8), sorting belt conveyors (9) and operator terminals (10).

On 24th and 25th October 2012 the Optimization Days will one more time take place at PAUL Maschinenfabrik. The main focus will be on a RAPID_SCAN_DUO cross-cut system for the production of finger jointed and flawless planed material as well as on an interesting automatically linked timber processing line with handling equipment for dried beech wood. The event provides the opportunity to see and get to know PAUL’s products along with state-of-the-art control technology ‘live’. Further highlights are ready for demonstration in addition to the two complete systems: the newly developed Push_Cut_CX II CNC cross-cut system, the KME3 circular edger, a heavy-duty circular edger and resaw model SGL, the fully automatic AB920 infeed system as well as the new Touch-Free Marking System.

All those interested are invited to attend the Optimizing Days.

The RAPID_SCAN_DUO cross-cut system consists of a PAUL Wood Scanning System in conjunction with two RAPID heavy-duty cross-cut systems. This new cross-cut system is characterized by maximum availability, high daily output, optimized waste removal and high length accuracy at maximum speed rates. Unlike other machines, this machine is equipped with two overhead saw blades.

The PAUL Wood Scanning System offers the user a solid and cost-effective entry into scanner technology. During the scanning passage, all four sides of the workpiece including the various characteristic timber features such as knots, shakes, resin galls, wane and other timber defects or unevenness are quickly and precisely detected by means of laser projectors and cameras. From the data obtained, the optimizing software calculates the cross section and the board geometry, thus recognizing the various grade areas of the residual timber workpiece. This makes it possible for the customer to carry out a quick, precise and economical surface inspection.

Mechanization components such as belt conveyors, buffer/cross transfer systems and sorting stations are linking the individual components. Safe guiding of the workpieces and automatic operating sequences lead to a considerable improvement in productivity. The operating personnel is released and the safety standard is considerably improved.

The automatically linked timber processing line for dried beech wood consists of a semiautomatic AB-MA infeed system, the CGL rip saw, six marking tables and two cross-cut lines from the model series C11_MKL with sorting system. First of all a chain conveyor is buffering the workpieces, thus allowing an optimal cycle time for the workpiece feeding. After the alignment operation, the workpiece is measured by the operator and divided into various grade zones. The optimizing software accepts the measuring data, calculates the best optimizing result and transfers it to the CGL rip saw, which rips the workpieces accordingly.

During the next processing step, the characteristic timber features of the boards already ripped are marked according to grades. Workers are manually marking the workpieces by means of crayon lines on six roller tables. Afterwards the workpieces are automatically distributed to two cross-cut lines. The Maxi 6 CNC control calculates the distribution in a way that both lines are equally loaded, so as to make full use of the maximum efficiency. Each cross-cut line is provided with one measuring station recognizing the positions of the crayon lines. The optimizing software is thus calculating the cross-cutting result and transferring the cross-cutting positions to the cross-cut systems of the model series C11. The cut workpieces are then sorted on two belt conveyors according to length and grade.

These complete systems have been specifically tailored to the customers’ requirements. Many years of experience in plant engineering in conjunction with intelligent software solutions made by PAUL ensure a successful and economical operation.


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