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Individual, customer-oriented panel ripping

Multirip saws from PAUL are suitable for processing panels in a wide range of materials

Simple, rapid changeover of the saw shaft in the SK machine series

New belt feed system in the K34GB

K34G-OUR ripping and profiling saw for bed slats

Panel rip system comprising a K34GX/1500 multirip saw with automatic feeding and stacking system

The ability to implement unusual customer requirements is becoming an ever more important aspect of modern manufacture. This is a requirement which can no longer be met using an "off-the-peg machine". To enhance productivity and competitiveness, special panel and solid wood processing solutions are often called for.

This growing demand has allowed machine manufacturer PAUL based in Dürmentingen/South Germany to prove its outstanding flexibility on many occasions. Multirip saws from the company's standard product range have been modified in some instances by the engineers from PAUL to address specific customer requirements.

Machines for the production of curved bed slats, for ripping panels with surfaces interrupted at right angles to the feed direction, and for processing panels up to 150 mm in thickness are all developments engineered to supplement the application scope of multirip saws from PAUL. There is practically no limit to the diversity of materials which can be ripped and profiled. The spectrum ranges from soft materials such as mineral wool through to hard carbon fibre-reinforced plastics or fibre cement.

The latest development to emerge from the company is a heavy-duty multirip saw for panel materials up to 150 mm in thickness. The SK series is designed to extend the upper end of the K34 series product range, and can be equipped with a drive output of up to 250 kW. It is ideally suited for chamfering, grooving and profiling thick workpieces (such as OSB, OSL, LVL and chipboard panels) and is equipped optionally with a bottom saw shaft or in combination with a top saw shaft, permitting panels to be processed from both sides.

Another tough challenge taken up by the development engineers at PAUL was to produce a multirip saw capable of ripping panels with surfaces interrupted at right angles to the direction of feed (for example panels with glued-on transverse bars) or panels with structured surfaces. In the series K34 machine, the roller feed unit was replaced by a belt feed system. The K34GB has now been added to the PAUL multirip saw range and is capable of ripping different materials practically free of drift and to the most stringent standard of precision.

Already in successful application for a long time is the multirip saw K34G-OUR. This model was developed to permit the ripping of curved panels. The produced bed slats are ripped and profiled in a single pass, saving costly work processes, enhancing performance and maximizing profits. The curved arrangement of feed rollers allows panels with a radius of appr. 3-9 m to be processed.

PAUL not only supplies multirip saws as standalone models, but also engineers complete custom-tailored high-performance systems for ripping and cross-cutting panels and solid wood. The degree of automation depends on the application, and ranges from partial automation through to fully automated high-end solutions. Starting with destacking, to a pre-cross cutting machine if required feeding a multirip saw, then on to manual or automatic defect detection, followed by a CNC crosscut system and finally sorting and stacking: PAUL offers the complete range of machinery from a single, reliable source.

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