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Alignment System for Multirip Circular Saws

K34GX/1500 with alignment system

The laminated panels are aligned according to a printed-on reference line

Colour cameras detect the position of the reference line

Particularly when ripping laminated panels alignment plays an important part with direction-oriented surface patterns. That is why PAUL has reworked an alignment system which has been on the market for many years. Longitudinal alignment is realized via a reference line which stands out from the surface pattern in terms of colour. Due to the high quality requirements these lines are detected via CCD cameras and their position is corrected with the aid of image processing software. In the same operation it is possible to additionally measure the paper growth by means of further cameras. The black-and-white cameras used in the past have now been replaced by colour cameras. Their advantage is that colour filters on the lenses can be omitted. This makes it possible to switch between different surface patterns in no time without the need for mechanical conversion. The colour cameras ensure a safe recognition of the reference strip and allow shorter cycle times. Furthermore, the servo drives were designed in a completely new manner; it is now possible to install servo drives from various reputable suppliers according to the customers’ requirements without involving much extra effort.

To meet the different demands, PAUL offers this automatic workpiece feeding system with camera measurement in conjunction with various models from the K34 multirip saw series. It is available both with the model “K34G“ (fixed set-up of the rip saws / hoggers) and the model “K34VARIO“ (flexible rip saw and hogger units).

Aligning the workpieces using CCD cameras

For the alignment operation the panel is first fed into the saw by approx. 600 mm, where it is taken over by the top and bottom feed rollers. The feed of the saw and of the alignment table stops as soon as the leading edge of the workpiece has been detected by sensors. The first two top rollers of the saw release the panel. Two pneumatic counterpressure cylinders push it against the two alignment axles. Each of the CCD cameras arranged above the workpiece is taking a picture. The offset of the printed-on reference line from the desired position to the actual position is calculated on the basis of the image information. The alignment axles are positioning the panel based on this data. The two top rollers are now pulling the panel into the multirip saw, where the ripping operation takes place. At the same time there is an enable signal to the roller table for feeding the next workpiece to the alignment position.

Measuring the surface pattern growth using CCD cameras

With flooring laminate with direct coating the unwanted width growth when pressing the surface pattern paper onto the carrier plate plays an important part. Flexible saws and an automatic surface pattern measurement are used to be able to realize the ripping of the raw panel exactly at the correct places. The surface pattern measurement is also effected via camera technology. It recognizes deviations from the desired width and calculates corrections for positioning the flexible rip saw and hogger units. Since the growth is usually not extending linearly over the panel width, this phenomenon is taken into account by means of parameter adjustment at the control.

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