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NEW: Optimizing Cross-Cut System C14 II

C14 II with sorting conveyor and MAXI 6 COMPACT CNC control on a separate pedestal

Just in time for LIGNA 2013, PAUL/DE presents its C14 cross-cut systems in an upgraded design under the name C14 II to continue to meet the high quality requirements in the market. The modern look perfectly matches the current C11, RAPID and Push_Cut_CX II cross-cut range. Technical innovations have made the C14 II even more user-friendly and reflect the extensive experience PAUL has gained with the previous models. PAUL has been a pioneer in the construction of optimizing cross-cut systems for 30 years. The new series represents the third development stage of the basic model 14 which has been proven on well over thousand occasions and established in the international market for almost 25 years. It is renowned for its high durability and reliability.

The C14 II is designed for cutting medium-sized to large cross sections for use in the industrial timber processing sector. It is suitable for heavy and difficult workpieces where high demands are placed on production speed and accuracy. Outstanding productivity is achieved by the high feed speed, the rapid sawing action and the quick acceleration characteristic of the C14 II series. Like their predecessors, these machines work extremely efficiently with a high degree of reliability. The heavy-duty design with a distortion-free machine frame made of 30 mm thick steel plates, the over-dimensioned bearings and guide elements, a heavy-duty saw rocker with widely spaced bearings, etc. guarantee reliable continuous operation, maximum uptime and a long life for the system.

The C14 II series is also available in three different models:

The C14_E II is ideally suitable for the high-volume production of preset cut lengths where no defects or unwanted wood characteristics are to be cut out.

The C14_KE II is additionally equipped with a luminescent scanner to detect crayon-marked defects or code lines for processing different timber grades.

Maximum yield optimization, optimum length combinations and minimum waste is achieved on the C14_MKL II. The separate workpiece measurement allows to make full use of all optimization features.

Automatic defect identification systems, such as the PAUL wood scanning system turn the C14 II into a high-efficiency cross-cut system for use in the modern timber industry.  Optimally coordinated handling components combined with intelligent control technology result in a processing system that meets the highest demands. Customers continue to benefit from PAUL’s long years of extensive system expertise.

Compared to its predecessor, the upgraded C14 II offers improvements in the following areas:

  • More efficient workpiece guidance
  • Optimized dust extraction and waste disposal
  • Modern components and materials
  • Increased user friendliness
  • Greater ease of servicing


The new C14 II with all its advantages and other highlights will be on display at the PAUL stand C 06, hall 12 at LIGNA in Hannover  from May 6 to10.

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