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PAUL installs an Automatic Edging/Multi-Ripping Line

Sawmill Upgrade in Italy

KME3 with overhead saw motor and AB920 automatic infeed system

Offcut separator following the KME3 edger/ripsaw

The long-established Italian company Galante Fratelli SNC based in Condino received a fully automatic edging and multi-ripping line comprising an automatic AB920 infeed system and a KME3 ripsaw, manufactured by PAUL Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co KG (Germany). Some components of the replaced line, such as an infeed cross-cut trim saw or a downstream board sorting unit have been perfectly incorporated in the new system.

The automatic PAUL infeed system has been continuously developed since its introduction early 1980 and is today a guarantee of efficiency and cost effectiveness. The optimized workpiece alignment ensures that maximum timber yield is achieved. Servo drives are provided for fast alignment and highest accuracy. Depending on the application concerned the system achieves up to 16 cycles/minute.

The integrated KME3, a further development of the proven KME2 of which thousands are in operation, is equipped with four independently moving, servo-controlled saw bushes and offers Galante a maximum of flexibility. The individual saw bushes can be set up with several saw blades for multi-ripping. 
The KME3 processes workpieces up to a thickness of 160 mm and is convenient to operate via a touch screen with graphic user interface. The system impresses with its user friendliness, remote maintenance feature, solid construction, maximum uptime.

The ripsaw is followed by an offcut separator with servo-controlled splitting wedge.

With this innovative system Galante prepares for the challenges of the future and secures its competitiveness in the woodworking industry.

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