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Intelligent Ripping of Valuable Workpieces

Paul develops an infeed system for ripping hardwood more quickly and with maximum added value

PAUL Infeed system

Precise measurement of the workpieces by means of laser sensors

The workpieces from the operator’s view

Valuable workpieces in industrial timber processing can be ripped more quickly and efficiently using intelligent software functions and a sophisticated handling system. The material coming from a destacking system is fully measured by means of laser sensors. The optimizing result calculated based on the workpiece geometry is indicated for the operator by means of laser lines directly on the workpiece. At the same time the PAUL optimizing software takes into consideration all the outlines, root collars, wanes … and presents the board to the operator’s critical eyes in its correct position.

Prior to ripping, the operator can check the calculated ripping pattern and then confirm or discard it. Before the feeding chain is feeding the workpiece to the rip saw, the movable saw blades are moving to the target position at a high accuracy. Servomotor driven saw bushes with one or several tools make it possible to produce four variable and several fixed strips in a single operation. The rip saw’s climb-cutting technology ensures a glue-line quality cut even with complex material and at a high output capacity. Mechanization systems are cleanly and reliably separating residual timber pieces from the optimized workpieces. Moreover, shorts are maximizing the timber yield.

Depending on the operating mode this ripping system can be operated in a fully automatic manner, without the intervention of an operator. This results in a high daily output leaving the least residual timber.

The CNC control running on the Linux operating system and offering excellent ease of operation is continuously recording the production progress. Statistical data in real time provide a quick and comprehensive overview. Network technology and Internet connection are not only suitable for production control, but also for work preparation during operation. This results in minimum programming and set-up times.

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