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Maximum productivity and highest precision in the door frame production

To maximize the capacity of its door frame production, the company Garant of Ichterhausen (Germany) decided in March, 2013 to invest in a PAUL type K34 Multirip Saw including peripheral handling equipment.  Fast delivery and installation were of crucial importance.

At Garant the panel packs are placed onto heavy-duty roller conveyors by a forklift truck. From there on, the system works fully automatically. A push feeder PAUL configured to the customer’s specific requirements feeds the K34GX/1500 multirip circular saw with chipboard panels. Waste edgings are efficiently hogged within the machine. The special PAUL roller feed system ensures optimum workpiece guidance contributing to an excellent sawn finish. The frequently-proven and very easy-to-operate saw shaft changing system where the saw shaft is moved out of the machine within a few minutes allows minimal set-up times.

The strips leaving the multirip saw are transferred via a cross conveyor with integrated singulator to an existing door frame folding system. Alternatively the operator can feed the strips to a stacking system.

User-friendliness, process reliability, maximum machine uptime and highest quality were of prime importance in planning the system. Moreover, the system impresses with its robust construction and thoroughly engineered details.

The new multirip and automated handling system improves the efficiency of the door frame production leading to an appreciable increase in the productivity of the complete production line. This investment allows Garant to produce their door frames even more cost-effectively.

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