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Paul Optimizing Days 2014

C14_SCAN II cross-cut system with vacuum destacker (1), infeed station (2), Paul Wood Scanning System (3), infeed station (4), C14 II cross-cut system (5), waste belt conveyor (6), belt conveyor with ejection stations (7), cross belt conveyor (8), locally provided moulder (9) and four SA-15 auto stackers (10)

C11_SCAN_DUO cross-cut system with belt conveyor with outfeed station (1), Paul Wood Scanning System (2), belt conveyor with ejection device (3), feeding slides with infeed station (4), two C11_E cross-cut stations (5), sorting station (6) and operator terminals (7)

Demonstrations of the Power_Rip, a heavy-duty ripping system, met with keen interest.

The audience was enthusiastic about the presentation of the C14_SCAN II cross-cut system.

Interesting discussions took place at the PAUL Expo.

Optimized yield results and maximum profit play an important role in production. That is why PAUL presented itself in the course of the optimizing days from 25th to 27th March 2014 and was able to welcome about 60 international visitors from various companies in Dürmentingen. This year the focus was on the two C14_SCAN II and C11_SCAN_DUO optimizing lines which met with the visitors’ keen interest during the demonstrations.

The completion of the two above-mentioned optimizing lines as well as the opportunity to demonstrate them gave reason to the realization of these optimizing days. The C14_SCAN II and C11_SCAN_DUO stand for a high flexibility and show the know-how of the mechanical engineering company very clearly. This also was the reason why PAUL decided to demonstrate their capacity, functioning and quality to the public. Further interesting projects, for example the Power_Rip ripping system, were presented at the same opportunity.

By selling the C11_SCAN_DUO scanner system PAUL succeeded in gaining a foothold again on the Brazilian market after many years. The customer – a manufacturer of pine furniture – is currently working with numerous manual cross-cut systems which he intends to replace for the most part. Due to the manual feeding of this cross-cut system, critical or cracked components are not fed to the production process. The Paul Wood Scanning System recognizes and optimizes all four sides of the workpieces in next to no time at a speed of about 3 m/s. The timber is processed by two cross-cut lines model C11. Altogether the overall system generates a peak performance of 80 - 90 m/min. Sorting is effected in a fully automatic manner, depending on length and quality. The workpieces produced here form the basis for the production of glued panels used for manufacturing living room and bedroom furniture for the local market.

The presentation of the second optimizing line C14_SCAN II was another highlight of the event. This line is working with a maximum material throughput of 60 m/min. To automate the mainly manual production as well as increase quality, yield and quantity, the customer – a manufacturer of packaging material – decided to purchase this fully automatic cross-cut system. A fork lift truck is placing the timber packs to be processed onto the heavy-duty chain conveyor before the workpieces are destacked in layers and the sticks are removed. Afterwards an infeed and singling system is transporting the individual strips through the automatic defect recognition where the board geometry is classified and the timber characteristics are recognized in a matter of seconds. The cross-cutting of the workpieces at the C14 II cross-cut station is following directly afterwards. The sorting system and the four fully automatic stacking systems are dividing up the boards into several qualities. About 80% of the cross-cut boards are moving straight on into a moulder where – depending on the dimension – they are processed from all four sides, i.e. horizontally separated, so that the number of finished pieces is doubled. The second quality with a share of about 20% is not going to further processing directly, but is stacked.

Demonstrations of further PAUL products from the fields optimized cross-cutting, panel processing and solid wood processing provided the interested audience with an overview of the wide product range and showed interesting innovations of the company. The attendant experts gained an insight into the latest control technology and had the opportunity to experience and get to know all the products ‘live’.

PAUL draws a positive conclusion from the event and due to the success will almost certainly repeat the Optimizing Days. Interested persons are already invited to attend this event.

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