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Increase in Productivity by Means of Upgrading

The upgraded system at a glance: Heavy-duty roller conveyor with buffering function (1), Joulin vacuum destacking system (2), Döscher & Döscher moisture measuring unit (3), cross-transfer roller conveyor (4) and Paul handling equipment, exising Paul cross-cut system of the model series 11 (5).

The close cooperation between the customer, the company Joulin (manufacturer of the vacuum destacking system), the company Döscher & Döscher (supplier of the moisture measuring unit), the company Schirmböck (Paul’s agent in Austria) as well as Paul (manufacturer of the handling equipment) made it possible to upgrade a production line within very short time and without a noticeable loss in production. The two existing CNC cross-cut systems of the model series 11 were integrated into the new overall concept and technically adapted to the operating sequence. The customer – a parquet manufacturer – has thus been able to increase his productivity in a particularly economical manner by means of upgrading.

Employees are placing the timber packs onto a heavy-duty roller conveyor where they are buffered and automatically fed to the vacuum destacker. This is capable of individually placing up to 2.5 layers per minute onto a chain conveyor. Sticks are automatically cleared, removed and collected separately. Via a belt conveyor the workpieces are fed in layers to the infeed station of the moisture measuring unit. The residual moisture of the workpieces is measured as they are passing through. If they are too moist, they are removed from the production process.

A cross-transfer roller conveyor distributes the good workpieces to two cross-cut lines dependent on the requirements. By means of an intelligent distribution function both lines are optimally used to capacity. As the customer already had two Paul cross-cut systems of the model series 11 in left-hand and in right-hand design which are still doing a good job due to their rugged design it was obvious to integrate them into the new overall concept. The CNC controls of the cross-cut systems were upgraded due to the interlinking of individual processing steps to a fully automatic operating sequence. It has thus been possible to also realize additional functions, such as telemaintenance of the system, at the customer’s request.

This project shows: It doesn’t always have to be new to obtain more. An elaborate upgrading also makes it possible to economically adapt an existing system to the growing demands of modern companies.

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