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CNC Cross-Cut System with Automatic Push-Feed System for Maximum Flexibility

A CNC cross-cut system of the model series Push_Cut_CX II in a similar configuration at a glance: Buffer belt conveyor with push-feed system (1), cross-cut station (2), ascending waste belt conveyor (3), sorting conveyor with ejection stations (4), alignment unit for printing the workpieces on the front face (5), label printer (6), cross belt conveyor (7) and MAXI 6 compact CNC control (8).

Cross belt conveyor with alignment unit and label printer

In spring 2014 Paul supplied an almost complete CNC cross-cut system with automatic push-feed system to Switzerland in cooperation with the company Holmag. For optimal capacity utilization the Push_Cut_CX II 206-C6 is fitted with a buffer belt conveyor at the infeed as well as a belt conveyor with ejection stations, cross belt conveyors and label printer at the outfeed. With this equipment, the system provides maximum flexibility for the customer for cutting window scantlings up to finger jointing lengths, which characterizes the cross-cut systems of this model series.

The buffer belt conveyor automatically feeds the workpieces to the push-feed system either individually or in packs, and the push-feed system is then responsible for the feed and the accurate positioning through the cutting station. During the return stroke it first detects the material length as well as crayon marks and passes this information on to the CNC control, which calculates the best optimization result for the cutting station within split seconds. Side pressure units ahead of and after the saw blade ensure an accurately square cut. Residual timber pieces are removed directly via a waste flap and an ascending waste belt conveyor.

Three stations are sorting the cut workpieces according to different criteria. Preset lengths that are to be cut and printed individually are fed by the first ejection station onto the cross belt conveyor installed and at the same time they are aligned according to their front faces. Printing and application of the labels at the front face is effected by a label printer from REA-Jet. The labels are provided with various data, such as length and project name/number in plain text and as bar code. The information to be printed on is already determined beforehand by means of a printing code or transmitted directly from the MAXI 6 Compact CNC control to the label printer.

In addition to the ejection station for preset lengths there is an ejection station for finger jointing lengths at the end of the belt conveyor. From there the finger jointing lengths are fed to the finger jointing system via a second cross belt conveyor. Between the two cross belt conveyors there are three more ejection stations with collection table for preset lengths up to five meters for sorting the workpieces that were cut in packs according to their length.

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