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Highest cutting quality from PAUL

PAUL presents an innovative edging and multi-ripping circular saw with combined chain and roller drive system

The feed system of the Q-805, a combination of feed rollers and chain bed

Visually the Q series resembles the KME3 edger

The South German machine manufacturer is renowned worldwide for its machines and systems for the primary and secondary woodworking industries. Numerous customers in the solid wood processing industry have trusted in the high quality of Paul circular sawing machinery for many years.

Apart from CNC cross-cut systems and edgers Paul offers multirip saw for panels and has also had suitable machines for ripping dried solid wood in its product range. However, to best meet the increasing customer requirements, the decision was taken to develop a completely new machine specifically for ripping dried hardwoods. A key issue thereby was the design of the feed system which plays a decisive role in processing solid wood. Basically a distinction is made between two types: roller feed system (very robust, cost-effective, low maintenance) and chain fed (highly accurate workpiece guidance). After many test series and trials the Paul engineers decided to benefit from a combination of the advantages of both systems.  This marked the birth of the new model “Q” ripsaw. The “Q” stands for quality which is to underline the high cutting quality achieved. From the very beginning the main focus has been laid on the requirement for a so-called glue-line precision cut, i.e. cut edges that are ready for gluing without the need for after-treatment.

In addition to the new type of feed system the machine is characterized by a further developed MAXI, i.e. OPTIRIP control with touch screen which has proved very reliable in operation on other machine types. Specific optimization software is available to minimize waste and so to maximize the profit for the customer. Features like remote maintenance, software-based machine monitoring or millimeter-precise saw positioning are, of course, standard at Paul.

As its first customer Paul won the company Menina d.d. Menina specializes in the production of high-quality coffins and supplies coffin wholesalers all over Europe. The company already had very good experience with K34G multirip saws from Paul and also the new Q has been convincing from the start.

By combining automated handling components Paul offers intelligent system solutions and complete production lines to the solid wood processing industry.

Technical features of the Q series:

  • Max. motor power 90 kW
  • Programmable saw positioning devices
  • Available with MAXIRIP or OPTIRIP ripping pattern control
  • Minimum floor space required due to an integrated hydraulic unit and drive motor located above the machine
  • Infeed and outfeed chain bed provided with 4 triplex chains each
  • Lower maintenance costs compared to conventional chain beds
  • 16 powered feed rollers
  • Q-810 with a max. cutting height of 100 mm
  • Q-805 with a max. cutting height in glue-line quality
  • Minimum workpiece length 500 mm
  • Opening width 750 mm
  • Suitable for hardwood and softwood
  • Saw shaft rotation against the feed or with the feed, as required

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