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Maximum flexibility in panel ripping

The K34M after installation. The modular design can be clearly seen on the machine hood.

The independently moving saw heads ensure a maximum of flexibility. There are each two opposite saw heads arranged one after the other.

To be in a better position to meet customer requirements, optimum flexibility is becoming an ever more important aspect of modern manufacture. PAUL offers this flexibility with its further developed K34M panel rip saw with moving saws. The South German machinery manufacturer convinces with the benefits of the optimized modular rip saw which has been installed at HUGA Hubert Gaisendrees KG, an internal door element producer based in Gütersloh.

To further optimize the internationally proven technology of PAUL in the panel ripping sector, the experience gained by customers, field engineers as well as the service and engineering departments has been included in the latest development. Apart from a number of mechanical improvements the new K34M rip saw is distinguished by an improved dust extraction and especially by an upgraded control system.

The saw positioning system features high-precision servo drives. Also the minimum spacing between two opposite saw heads has been reduced. The energy supply chains have been completely enclosed to provide optimum protection for electric and pneumatic lines. The use of supporting tables that are capable of being removed without the need for tools greatly eases the tool change and improves access to the drive units and measuring system for ease of maintenance and service. Moreover, the main dust extraction, at the bottom, has been completely revised. Concentrated dust extraction has been implemented at the tools. This optimization has led to a 50% reduction of the dust extraction capacity required.

The current MAXI 6 control generation which has proved successful in the cross-cut sector since 2009 and was introduced to rip saws in 2010 has now also been developed for the K34M series. The control operates under the Linux operating system. It is browser-enabled and therefore perfectly network-compatible. The operation of the machine is user-friendly and intuitive. The functions are simple and direct to select by touching the screen.

The optimized K34M delivered to HUGA is a fully variable, selective rip saw for producing any strip width required. This allows the customer to respond flexibly to any customer requirement.

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