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90 Years of Experience in Mechanical Engineering

This year Paul Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG is celebrating its ninetieth anniversary. What started in 1925 as a mechanical shop has long developed into an internationally operating enterprise in the three business segments circular sawing technology, prestressed concrete technology and strand lifting technology. The quality of the Swabian family business is very much appreciated all over the world, which is proven by numerous projects: Huge multirip saws for ripping large-sized panels, circular edgers used over decades, stressing technology for reconstruction of the “Frauenkirche” church, CFRP strips for the stabilization of a flyover and state-of-the-art stressing equipment at the concrete factory. The Paul designers are not shying away from challenges.

Max Paul, the founder of the company, initially started the production of special machines for manufacturing whips in his father’s house in Dürmentingen. After World War II, his two sons Berthold and Odilo Paul joined the company. Together they developed and built the first circular edger in 1948, which immediately was a success. The product range of the circular sawing technology continuously increased in the 1950s.

The second business segment, prestressed concrete technology, was born with the first devices and plants for the production of prestressed concrete. Paul continually increased its factory premises in Dürmentingen and, in the mid-1970s, relocated part of the production to Riedlingen, where manufacturing is taking place to this day. In the 1980s CNC technology became more and more important. CNC-controlled cross-cut and edging systems allow automatic production processes in industrial woodworking, automatic button heading machines and stressing robots in the production of prestressed railway sleepers. In 2000, due to lack of space, Paul relocated the production site from the centre of the village to a new industrial area of Dürmentingen and increased the production area again already ten years later.

In 2012 the third business segment was added with the professional market entry into strand lifting technology, where the design engineers were already able to gain a lot of experience in the previous years. In 2014 Paul took over the company Reinhardt Maschinenbau and is continuing the “Reinhardt“ brand at the factory in Rottweil-Neukirch.

Today the company is managed in the third generation by Barbara Hering and Werner Paul and is satisfying the high customer demands with its modern technology. The extensive product portfolio ranges from simple cross-cut saws to CNC cross-cut systems and to fully automatic ripping systems in the sawing technology field, from single-wire stressing jacks and multi-stressing jacks to sleeper stressing robots in the prestressed concrete technology field and from strand-lifting jacks to the appropriate hydraulic units in the strand lifting technology field. With competent planning and advice Paul does not only offer products, but solutions according to customer requirements. This special customer orientation characterizes the company. The high quality and lasting value of the products as well as the first-class customer service are the basis for a long-term cooperation based on partnership with numerous customers all over the world.





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