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Oak Processing in Croatia

Hardwood processing line with AB-MA_EXT automatic infeed system, KME3 circular edger/ripsaw, C14_MKL CNC cross-cut system with sorting belt, tilt hoist destacker and further high-quality handling components.

Slavonski Hrast d.o.o., based in Croatia, has been founded in 2013 by several associates from the United Kingdom, Germany and Croatia and is specializing in the production, drying and sale of oak cutting wood. The product range includes planks, beams, joists as well as edged and waney-edged material in various grade categories. Slavonski Hrast is seeing to it that the highest standards for a responsible and economic handling of the product ‘timber’ are observed. According to the customer the availability of round wood from the owner forests is currently exceeding the processing capacity of the sawmill.

Paul’s new hardwood processing line, a highlight of the “expo” in-house exhibition on 8th and 9th September, has been designed considering these facts. Machines from Paul are standing for quality and longevity at a fair price. Directly after a band saw there is the edging and ripping line from the POWER_RIP family consisting of the KME3 edging/rip saw and the AB-MA_EXT automatic infeed system. The boards with the dimensions 6500 x 800 x 70 mm are automatically measured and the optimizing result according to the cutting list is presented to the operator. He now has the possibility of accepting this or changing it according to his experience/evaluation. If the saw bush positioning is confirmed, the AB-MA_EXT is feeding the edging/rip saw which is then edging the boards according to the optimization result and ripping them at the same time. Afterwards the slabs/offcuts produced are automatically separated and fed to the further processing equipment. The good pieces are fed in longitudinal direction from the offcut separator to the cross transfer roller conveyor and then removed to the right or to the left flush with their front edge. Sorting of the ripped boards is effected manually.

A separate C14_MKL cross-cut system which is also from Paul is used for value optimization of the edged boards. Every single board is evaluated by two employees and provided with marks as to timber characteristics and grades accordingly. The integrated measuring station is detecting these marks and forwarding the result to the control. The control is compiling the optimizing result in real time and transferring this cutting pattern to the actual cross-cut system. The machine bed which is inclined backwards by 30° ensures an accurate guiding of the material to be processed according to the zero line and thus also a high angular accuracy. Moreover it allows a high process reliability for removal of waste pieces, since these are reliably removed due to the inclination and by means of compressed air.

After the cross-cut system there is length and width sorting equipment on an almost 70 meter long sorting belt which has been equipped with special ejectors, so-called flippers, due to the heavy oak material.

An existing edger is intended to still serve well for special jobs and is therefore being equipped with a tilt hoist destacker brand Reinhardt for destacking already edged and dried oak boards with the dimensions 2000 to 6500 x 1200 x 1200 mm. The stacks may have a weight of about 5 tons. During the tilting operation the uppermost board layer is sliding down and the boards are individually fed to the following machine. Stacking sticks are automatically separated and removed during this operation.

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