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Top-quality and precious solid wood flooring meeting highest demands

View of the vacuum destacker, turning device and manual cross-cut saw.

Two K34V/1000 rip saws for edging and ripping the hardwood planks.

Laser lines indicating the saw blade positions, chain beds ensuring accurate guidance of the up to 7 m long workpieces through the machine.

SlimLine CNC Cross-Cut System with automatic push feeder for highly accurate cross cuts.

The passion of Dinesen, a Danish specialist, is the production of precious solid wood flooring enjoying an outstanding reputation throughout the world. One of his strengths lies in the manufacture of long and wide planks which reminds more of an atelier or artisan workshop than of an industrial flooring production. It already starts with the careful selection of the raw wood in the forest. Natural defects in the wood are repaired with great effort in order to be finally able to offer a unique product.

In cooperation with the Danish planning company Nicholaisen the responsible persons at Dinesen developed a concept to optimize their already modern oak flooring production. The focus here was always on quality and the objective was not to install a fully automatic production line, but to provide the operator who can “read” the wood with the best possible support in his demanding work.

The task of Paul Maschinenfabrik was to implement the mechanical engineering part of the concept.  The dried timber is supplied by an automatic vacuum destacking system. If necessary, the operator can turn each workpiece and make any trim cuts or eliminate any bent sections on a manual undercut cross-cut saw, as required.

In the next process step, the workpieces are fed into a PAUL K34V/1000 rip saw that was specifically suited to this application. To ensure maximum feeding accuracy of the up to 7 meter long planks, two chain beds are provided. The moving saw blades can be positioned by the operator via a joystick or by the control system via a preset ripping list. The widely proven MAXIRIP control with Internet connection delivers excellent performance here, too. Worthwhile emphasizing is its sophisticated host connectivity offering a statistical evaluation of the workpieces. Length, width, thickness and quality of each workpiece are automatically registered and stored in a database. In this way Dinesen knows at any time what material is available in stock. Orders that are often very individual and customer-specific can so be processed quickly and efficiently.

Since dried solid wood planks tend to break as they are fed through the rip saw, it was also necessary to find a suitable solution in this respect. This has been achieved by a chain feed system combined with PUR-coated top rollers. On a first type K34V/1000 multirip saw the workpieces are edged on the left-hand side and, where necessary, ripped in the middle. This allows to relieve internal stresses in the workpiece. On a second K34V/1000 multirip saw the workpieces are re-edged and ripped to the finished widths required. In this way highest accuracy and quality are ensured. The waste edgings produced are automatically removed from the process.

The ripped workpieces are planed and thereafter cut to length on a SlimLine cross-cut system. Here the operator can influence the optimization result by applying crayon marks. The cut pieces are automatically sorted by length and width or transferred to a fully automatic storage system.

This system has been designed to meet Dinesen’s specific requirements. Operator workload is considerably reduced and productivity appreciably increased whilst the high quality and individual workpiece analysis are maintained.

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