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Productivity Increase for Parquet Production

Overall view of the line from the K34GV/800

Turning station after the 1st surface planer

Manual alignment on the K34GV/800

Manual marking of knots, shakes and defects in the material

Manual sorting of the individual lengths (finished product)

Lothar Peschel (sales manager) of PAUL, Laszló Weibl (plant director), Csaba Paluska (plant layout) and Peter Adamik (plant manager) of Bakonyerdö (from left to right)

The company Bakonyerdö (owner of the parquet brand “Befag”) in Franciavágás (Western Hungary) is the leading manufacturer of sawn timber for the parquet industry and joinery trade. Due to many years of experience the trade name is well-known on the European market as a supplier of high quality and has established as quality brand. Nowadays, the highest productivity and flexibility is demanded for the production of cover layer parquet strips. An automatic timber processing line of PAUL Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG purchased in 2016 contributes its part to this. Length and width cutting can thus largely be realized in a fully automatic manner.

In the past, the production of cover layer strips and country house planks has been accomplished manually in a very complex manner causing enormous costs. The K34GV/800 multirip saw in combination with the C14_MKL II cross-cut system has now put an end to these additional costs, which made it possible to increase productivity of the basic material production.

The focus was on the reduction of manual operations and this has been consistently followed through. From the manual feeding of the raw products the line has been designed in such a way that all the processes are taking place in an automated manner. This also includes feeding of the locally provided surface planers. Buffers were integrated between all the processing steps to compensate for short interruptions in the production sequence. These buffers ensure a continuous process between the system components.

We would like to emphasize the K34GV/800 multirip saw, the marking station with manual crayon marking and the C14_MKL II cross-cut system with full optimization. The requirement for an accurate straight cut on the K34GV/800 multirip saw has been realized without any restrictions by means of a conventional roller feed system. The subsequent separation of offcuts is also effected automatically; in this respect PAUL has been approached with additional tasks. The offcut separator is capable of processing cover layer strips of 4 mm in thickness or country house planks of up to 35 mm. With the subsequent marking station PAUL has been able to integrate a manual process into the automatic sequences in the best possible way. Defects, shakes, knots and grades are determined at this marking station by means of crayon marks and then transferred to the further process. The subsequent C14_MKL II cross-cut system with full optimization ensures the exact implementation of the information marked before. The planning of this cross-cut system had its focus on an exact angular accuracy of the cut, which has been obtained anyway due to the inclined guidance of the workpieces.

The system control for the machines and their components is effected by the tried and tested MAXIRIP control (multirip saw) and the MAXI 6 control (cross-cut system), which were specifically adapted to the customer’s local conditions. Despite the easy data handling between office and machine the employee is programming the orders directly at the touch screen, since he has a better overview of the available material on site.

The machines brand Paul meanwhile sustain their position as an inherent part of the state-of-the-art machinery in Franciavágás. The parquet manufacturer is thus achieving short processing times, optimum warehousing and a good price level in the usual high Bakonyerdö quality. With this state-of-the-art high-quality system Bakonyerdö is well prepared for the future and can successfully operate on the market in the long term.

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