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Increased productivity and safety through use of a semi-automatic infeed system

PAUL KME3 Ripsaw with slab extractor and offcut separator in operation

Semi-automatic infeed system (SAB) from the operator’s perspective

Convenient workplace in the cabin

For many years the Busse Sawmill has been using the technologies of PAUL Maschinenfabrik (Dürmentingen/Germany). Due to the positive experience gained with its PAUL BM circular edger and 14_MKL CNC cross-cut system, the decision was made in autumn 2016 to replace an existing multirip saw with a new PAUL KME3 machine featuring a fixed saw set-up and two servo-controlled moving splitting wedges for automatically separating waste edgings from the finished product.

An ascending cross chain conveyor feeds the cants produced by the frame saw to the SAB semi-automatic infeed system ensuring increased safety and significantly simplifying work for operators. The heavy workpieces the operator had to load manually before are moved by the SAB via a joystick from a comfortable chair in a cabin. Rise-and-fall cross chains skew and align the workpieces longitudinally. A hydraulic turning device allows viewing the bottom face of the workpieces. After positioning the workpieces and splitting wedges whose positions are indicated by laser lines, the SAB feeds the ripsaw at the touch of a button. The customized MAXIRIP control forms the interface between man and machine. Touch screen, remote maintenance, a particularly user-friendly interface are just a few of the variety of standard features making everyday work on the KME3 easier. The display, for instance, also shows the spacer ring widths required for tooling the saw shaft.

Solid chain beds and top pressure rollers offer optimum workpiece guidance on the infeed side. A special slab extractor on the outfeed side provides a reliable, controlled removal of slabs from the KME3, which used to cause problems on the old machine in the past.

With this investment, the Busse Sawmill is gearing up for the challenges of the future. The increased performance and occupational safety combined with a reduced operator workload is to ensure long-term success in the market.

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