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Visit us at EXPO in Dürmentingen

June 7 to 9, 2018 in Dürmentingen (Germany)

On June 7 to 9, 2018 a new edition of the “expo” will be held at the PAUL headquarters in Dürmentingen focusing on:

  • Packaging
  • Pallet processing
  • Solid wood processing
  • Optimized cross-cutting
  • Handling systems

Visitors to the expo 2018 will not only get to know the technical innovations, product portfolios and performance of the PAUL and REINHARDT brands, but the entire range of industrial woodworking. Numerous companies have already been won over for specialist lectures and as guest exhibitors.

Look forward to a varied exhibition program:


  • Alignment and feeding system for ripsaws taking into account the data of an integrated in-line scanner supplying the optimizing results for ripping and cross-cutting
  • M34G panel ripsaw with grooving facility
  • High-efficiency auto stacker


  • SlimLine Formatic, ripping and cross-cutting in a single pass
  • BasicLIne
  • SlimLine
  • Paletti - demonstration of the interface and the optimisation possibilities

Handling systems

  • Rip and cross-cut system for the production of thick veneers, comprising a K34GV ripsaw and a RAPID cross-cut system. An in-line optimizing scanner provides the optimum ripping and cross-cutting results.

Panel processing

  • M34G multirip circular saw with grooving facility

Solid wood processing

  • CGL ripsaw
  • ‘Q’ ripsaw

Optimized cross-cutting

  • C11_MKL optimizing cross-cut system
  • C14_MKL optimizing cross-cut system
  • RAPID high-speed cross-cut line with PAUL wood scanning system
  • High-efficiency auto stacker

Guest exhibitors

  • Acadon – ERP trade software
  • BeA – High-quality power tools and fastening systems
  • Brookhuis – Moisture meter and strength grading systems
  • Cognex – Automation of production and logistics processes
  • Elried – Product and package marking
  • HPE – Federal Association for Wood Packaging, Pallets & Export Packaging
  • KBA – Metronic marking systems
  • Kuka – Robotics & automation technology
  • Kuper – Woodworking machinery
  • Mayersaws – Horizontal panel saws
  • Prolock – Tooling and clamping systems
  • Striebig/Dr. Keller – Vertical panel saws
  • Vollmer – Grinding machines

More information coming soon!


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