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New Panel Rip Saw K34G-UUU, now available with 3 bottom saw shafts

Due to a customer requirement PAUL extended its delivery range of multirip circular saws of the model series K34 which has proven successful for many years. So far, these machines were available with up to two bottom saw shafts.

Model K34G-UUU/1800

Model K34G-UUU/1800

The new model K34G-UUU is equipped with three bottom saw shafts. These three saw shafts can separately be put into operation in an automatic way via a PLC control, which makes the multirip circular saw even more flexible. This allows the customer to run three different products on this line in continuous change, virtually without interruption of production, the respective product being produced with the assigned and accordingly tooled saw shaft. Set-up times and thus machine downtimes are accordingly low and increase the production capacity compared to single-shaft or double-shaft multirip saws.

A machine of this new type with an opening width of 1800 mm, individually adjusted to the customers’ requirements, was supplied to a manufacturer of formwork girder elements in October 2008. The PLC control ensures a comfortable operation of the machine and makes it possible for the machine to be integrated into an automatic production line.

The model K34G-UUU is available with opening widths from 800 mm to 3000 mm.


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