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Heavy-Duty PAUL 18GE CNC Cross-Cut System successful in operation

Sawn timber packs on a large air-drying yard

Feeding and simultaneous measurement of waney edged boards on an automatic tilt hoist destacker

Operator, Roland Herter, grades the board without touching it

Entering the cutting lists on the MAXI 5 Premium CNC control via touch screen

Outfeed of cut pieces and length sorting system

The workpieces are manually fed into a multirip saw

The ripped strips are used for the production of work benches

The end product – a solid ANKE work bench

The PAUL 18GE cross-cut system at Anton Kessel GmbH (ANKE) has proved very successful in pre-edging waney-edged hardwood, i.e. beech boards. Approx. 50 cbm of beechwood pass through the cross-cut system per shift.
The waney-edged boards are fed via a tilt hoist destacker with automatic turn-over device and a powered roller conveyor into the cross-cut system. The length of the board lying on the transfer slide of the destacker is measured whilst the previously optimized board is fed by the roller table into the cross-cut system (overlapping working method). Defects in the timber, such as knots and cracks are marked without touching the timber. The easy-moving measuring carriage is equipped with function keys and a laser indicating its current position on the board. The operator moves the laser to the defects to be cut out and presses a key to transmit their locations to the optimization software in the MAXI 5 Premium control. Based on the lengths programmed in cutting lists, it selects the optimum combination of lengths giving minimum waste. The cut pieces feed on a belt conveyor to powered sorting tables. Trim cuts and other waste pieces are automatically removed and disposed of. The good pieces are sorted by length at preset sorting stations. Thereafter the cut pieces are ripped on a multirip saw. The strips produced are kiln-dried from 15% to a residual moisture content of approx. 7%. After drying the workpieces are used in the production of work benches, joiner’s benches and kitchen panels.
ANKE is a leading manufacturer of work benches, joiner’s benches and all kinds of works equipment and employs a total workforce of approx. 110.


Series 18

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