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Ripping, grooving and profiling of corrugated board and cardboard

V-grooves for collapsible cardboard boxes

Grooving and profiling of corrugated board

Ripping of cardboard

The PAUL K34G series multirip saws are suitable for ripping corrugated board and cardboard up to 100 mm thick and up to 2900 mm wide.

Saw shaft with special tooling

For many years the PAUL Company has been well known as a manufacturer of custom-tailored multirip saws. They are ideally suited for ripping, grooving and profiling of all kinds of materials, such as particle board, plastics, laminates, fibre cement, rigid foam and numerous other materials. Less well known is that PAUL Multirip Saws are also perfectly suitable for processing corrugated board or cardboard for packaging.

If you are looking to increase efficiency, flexibility, and cost saving in the production of your packaging material, please contact us for more details.

If you are interested in visiting our factory to test cut your materials we do have machines in stock which are available for demonstration.


Ripping Systems

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