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Timber Processing Line for Beech Wood in Use

Cross-feed system for pre-aligning the boards

The operator’s workplace, as soon as the edging cut has been defined, the material is fed into the C/GL.

The heart of the edging system, the PAUL C/GL

PAUL C14_MKL for fully optimized cross-cutting

The cutting machines have been in use at "ABALON Hardwood“ in Schwalmstadt since May 2008. A timber processing line for sawn beech wood supplied by PAUL has been added last. ABALON is using a compact circular rip saw type C/GL for edging the boards and ripping them into fixed widths of 25 to 350 mm. A cross-feed system with ten buffer places where the boards are pre-aligned via stops completes the automatic edging system.

PAUL developed the cross-feed system together with ABALON. Here the operator decides if the material is cut optimized according to value or yield. Depending on the mode, the control of the saw then determines the best possible cuts using a stored cutting list.

In the edging saw there is a saw shaft with centrical fixed saw blade. Both to the left and to the right of it there is a variable saw blade. The cutting width can thus be changed and adjusted to the board. The C/GL is operating in the feeding direction, which offers the following advantages:

  • Unproblematic removal of lateral offcuts or residual pieces
  • Use of thin saw blades
  • Longer tool service life
  • Better quality of the cut
  • No danger by timber kicking back

The edging system is running at a high throughput rate and precision. Ten boards per minute are guaranteed, however, ABALON is obtaining 15, with a width tolerance of ±0.1 mm.

Apart from the edging system ABALON are also running a cross-cut system type ‘C14_MKL’ with full optimization, i.e. the cuts are marked with crayons and the machine is cutting the boards optimized according to length. The crayon marks are recognized by the cross-cut system and compared with a stored cutting list.

Since the infeed belt of the ‘C14’ is inclined, the residual pieces up to 150 mm are falling to the rear directly at the saw blade. So, the cut length should be at least 200 mm. The maximum length of the cross-cut system is 5000 mm, the maximum width is 500 mm (depending on the thickness).

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