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BAUMA 2010: Prestressing technology – made in Germany

At Bauma PAUL will be presenting a range of innovations alongside well-proven technology. For instance in the pretensioning sector, PAUL will be showing their completely redesigned TENSAcontrol measuring and recording system. The new MAXI 6 TENSAcontrol with web interface operating under Linux is very easy and convenient to operate via touch screen.  Data exchange with the office computer is effected by an USB stick.

Also upgraded has been the frequently sold stressing jack lifting unit that is now available with an optional extended cantilever arm and mudguard plates serving as a hose support. This is particularly beneficial to operators on machines with several stressing jacks and long hoses and protects the material.

For the first time on display at Bauma will be an ultrasonic cleaning device for the reliable and time-saving cleaning of anchor grips.

In addition, PAUL will be presenting an automatic control system for their wire/strand pushing machines for the automatic pushing of a programmed quantity of prestressing steels to the required length, e.g. in the production of poles. The new hand-operated cutters allow to cut prestressing steels without effort.

In the geotechnology sector PAUL will be showing a new compact hydraulic unit for both stressing and pressure maintenance alongside a very small and lightweight hydraulic unit designed for 230V for a work environment where no high-voltage supply is available.

Also for post-tensioning on site PAUL will be exhibiting new and further developments. The wired NCS-4 control of hydraulic strand pushing machines that has proved successful for many years has been extended by an NCS-5 radio control version and an alternative manual joystick-operated control (also wired or wireless).

In the field of stay cable technology PAUL will be showing their TENSAstay prestressing equipment together with a cutter for the outer strand-wires and couplers to couple the core wire – for inserting the strands into stay cables.

The PAUL prestressing equipment for wind power plants has been upgraded by a newly developed mobile lifting device for the fast and efficient of the multi-stressing jack onto the strands even under narrow space conditions in cellars under a wind power tower.

Modern 800 kN heavy-lifting strand-jacks for the lifting, lowering and pulling of heavy loads complete the range of innovations at the PAUL stand.

Also on display will be the widely-proven PAUL single and multi-stressing jacks (6800 kN) and of course anchor grips in all sizes.

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