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35 Years of Experience in Cross-Cutting

Model series RAPID optimizing high-speed CNC cross-cut system with PAUL Wood Vision scanner

Model series C11 optimizing CNC cross-cut system

Operator terminal of MAXI 6 CNC control with touch screen

Scan result of the new Wood Vision Scanner

The optimum of function and reliability as regards cross-cut systems from PAUL in Dürmentingen is based on 35 years of experience in this special field. By various optimizing algorithms and a first-class mechanical engineering technology the renowned manufacturer offers a minimum of waste and a maximum yield of the initial materials. Using cross-cut systems from PAUL means short amortization times combined with a maximum of output capacity for every individual application. From small batch sizes up to mass production – with a PAUL cross-cut system the added value is considerably increased. Together with intelligent and modular handling components this results in considerable cost saving along with an increase in profit.

Optimized cross-cutting is getting more and more interesting also for smaller and medium-sized companies, since raw materials and labour are getting more and more expensive. PAUL offers its customers a variety of models for every range of application and performance.

A variety of machines for the most different applications:

Model Push_Cut_CX optimizing CNC cross-cut system

The Push_Cut_CX is an optimizing cross-cut system with automatic push-feed for universal use: joineries, packaging and pallet manufacturers, window industry and other users are working considerably more precisely, safer and more efficiently with the Push_Cut_CX than with a simple undertable or pendulum saw. The adapted form Push_Cut_CX-Z uses a modified push-feed system. Instead of the conventional pusher this model uses a gripper finger. Push_Cut_CX-Z - the gripping cross-cut system!

Model series C11 optimizing CNC cross-cut system

The model series C11 has been designed for smaller to middle-sized cross sections and enables an accurate and clean cut at a very high number of cycles. The very compact machines are thus suitable for use in sawmills as well as in the processing industry, such as parquet, flooring, boxes and furniture industry and many more.

  • Machine body in thought-out construction for stability and maximum service life.
  • Clear design and additional diagnostic software for the best possible maintenance friendliness.
  • High-performance and maintenance-free servo systems for maximum dynamics and high continuous output.
  • Generously dimensioned components from renowned manufacturers for a long service life.
  • Low-noise design with excellent sound insulation for pleasant working conditions.
  • Yield optimization by tailor-made optimization algorithms for a maximum added value.
  • High reliability and availability thanks to many years of worldwide experience.
  •  Customized cross-cut systems arranged in modular design.
  • Modular expandability up to fully automatic high-performance systems with automatic defect recognition.
Model series C14 optimizing CNC cross-cut system

The C14 is a high-performance cross-cutting machine for use in modern industrial timber processing plants. It is ideal for cutting heavy and difficult workpieces where high demands are placed on production speed and accuracy and excels through the following advantages:

  • max. sections of 260 x 180 and 370 x 50 mm
  • tried and tested for solid construction timber
  •  6 feed rollers
  • 30 mm steel frame
  •  Mega Top package fitted with servo cutting stroke
  • completely maintenance-free
Model series RAPID optimizing CNC cross-cut system

The CNC cross-cut systems of the RAPID model series are designed for high-performance continuous operation. By this model series PAUL offers profitable solutions in high-capacity cross-cutting for all industrial requirements of timber processing with maximum yield.
Unlike other high-performance CNC cross-cut systems, this machine is fitted with two saw blades working independently from each other. This ensures a more reliable waste removal and thus a considerable increase in availability of the system by safe operation.

  • Top and bottom powered roller pairs result in a powerful and smooth power transmission. Difficult workpieces are precisely fed and precisely cut at high feed speeds.
  • Robust toothed gearing for the feed
  • Two overhead saws ensure a trouble-free removal of waste pieces, thus increasing the availability of this cross-cut system
  • Extremely robust and transparent design
  • Fully automatic cross-cut lines for a safe operation at maximum capacity and yield arise in conjunction with automatic infeed systems, scanners along with sorting systems and auto stackers.
Model series 18/24 optimizing CNC cross-cut system

These models are suitable for cross-cutting waney-edged boards and heavy timber. Defects are either marked by means of chalk or by laser. As with all the CNC cross-cut systems, the cutting results are optimized by the MAXI control. With their high dynamics and a cutting speed of up to 80 cuts per minute, the model 18 and 24 CNC cross-cut systems rank among the most powerful of their class. The basic models can be equipped with a wide range of accessories and various CNC controls and thus be automated as far as possible.

The integrated chip guide system allows a simple extraction of chips via one single outlet, supported by the full enclosure of the cross-cut saw.

Cross-cut systems of these model series are mostly used for pre-cross cutting large timber sections before they are ripped into strips or cants. But they are also appropriate to efficiently cut strong solid construction timber. Processing heavy timber requires a solid, torsion-stiff machine frame withstanding the enormous loads in the long run.

Just the weight of the cross-cut saws of more than two tons adds stability to the models 18 and 24, thus absorbing even maximum feed and cutting performances.

PAUL CNC control technology

The cross-cut systems were perfected as regards network capability and speed by the new MAXI 6 control generation. Paul has developed the controls in-house for decades, thus keeping full control of functionality and maintenance of the systems along with the quickest possible customer service. Due to many years of experience PAUL CNC controls offer user-friendliness, flexibility and a great variation range. Like the previous version, the MAXI 6 is also based on the LINUX operating system, thus benefitting from a great number of advantages, such as real-time capability, high computing speed, simultaneous execution of several processes and tasks, stability of the operating system und realization of customized solutions. Version 6 of the control for the first time uses the newly developed Paul bus module PBM1 for data exchange between sensors/actuators and control. The data exchange is effected via a standard Ethernet interface and is thus compatible with computer networks. This ensures a quick and uniform networking of the system components along with data exchange. The bus module developed allows a modular assembly of the controls and a variable expansion by interlinking. They are thus adapted to the customers’ requirements and different expansion stages. So each customer gets his customized control. The easy operation of the control is thus either effected via the conventional keyboard, i.e. mouse or via a user-friendly touch screen.

Internet connections ensure the best possible and quick support. Production figures can be called up as quickly as a flash or production data changed online. Continual development ensures maximum production results at minimum material usage.

With the machines of the latest generation the Swabian manufacturer continues its longstanding tradition – longer than all the others, as the company assures. When using optimizing cross-cut lines users can save material, money and labour costs.

PAUL scanner technology

With the new Paul Wood Vision scanner Paul offers a sound entry into scanner technology. Due to a cost-effective acquisition price and the ease of operation, this scanner is a clever alternative and also interesting for those customers who have so far considered the acquisition of a scanner to be too high an investment. This scanner system is the logical end product of a successful and constant development of the PAUL CNC control technology which goes back to the year 1976 – longer than with any other company!

The scanner does not only increase production capacity, but also ensures more safety in quality control. The working method is based on the cooperation of cameras, laser projectors and an intelligent control. For example, the scanner recognizes knots, shakes, resin gall, wane and some other wood defects and unevenness. In case of difficult material the operator can influence the scanner result by crayon marks accordingly. This allows a quick, accurate and constant surface inspection. The software package belonging to this scanner system includes all the optimizing types as well as essential statistics functions along with the possibility of issuing detailed evaluations – also via the company network.

The goal of scanner technology is to obtain an optimization of the working processes and an increase of added value. Large-scale handling equipment before and after scanner and cross-cut system complete Paul’s entire product range.

The scanner finds its place in the measuring station ahead of the cross-cut system. The measuring station is designed as a modular system. It is also possible to integrate scanners from other manufacturers. For more sophisticated scanner operations, such as radio technology, colour technology or moisture measurement, for instance, Paul cooperates with all leading and common scanner manufacturers, developing customized package solutions.

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