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The Versatility of PAUL Multirip Saws

Variety of materials processed on PAUL Multirip Saws

Ripping of panels on PAUL Multirip Saws

Variety of applications offered by PAUL Multirip Saws: Ripping, grooving and profiling

PAUL Multirip Saws offer a wide range of applications. They are ideally suited for processing panels of a multitude of materials. Over the years PAUL has built multirip saws in a great variety of models, variants and special developments that can be adapted to almost every individual customer’s requirement. The PAUL product range comprises machines with fixed saws, moving saw heads, single-shaft or double-shaft models. There is hardly any customer request PAUL leaves unfulfilled.

Ripping of panels

The PAUL K34 Multirip Saws are designed to rip even the widest commercially available panels in a single pass. The machine opening widths range from 800 – 3000 mm. The spectrum of materials they process ranges from soft material such as mineral wool to hard CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic) or fibre cement. The list and figure 2 below show an extract of materials processed on PAUL Multirip Saws:

  1. Particle board, paper-coated
  2. Particle board, veneered
  3. OSB
  4. LVL
  5. MDF
  6. Glulam
  7. Wood fiberboard
  8. Laminate flooring material
  9. Laminated wood
  10. Plywood, paper-coated
  11. Multilayer solid wood
  12. Multilayer cork
  13. Lightweight furniture panels
  14. Corrugated board
  15. Rigid foam, glass fiber coated
  16. Rigid foam, aluminium coated
  17. PVC
  18. Rigid foam
  19. Polymer
  20. Honey-combed plastics
  21. GFRP
  22. CFRP
  23. Fiber cement
  24. Wood-wool building slabs
  25. Mineral wool

Grooving and profiling

PAUL Multirip Saws are also perfectly suitable for grooving and profiling. A wide variety of groove shapes are possible. The panels can be ripped, grooved and/or profiled in one pass. With a curved arrangement of the feed rollers it is possible for curved panels to be processed into bed slats.

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