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Cross-Cut Line for the Utilization of Residual Timber Pieces in Sawmills

C11_MKL optimizing CNC cross-cut system with PAUL Wood Vision scanner and MAXI 6 control

The first combination of a C11 cross-cut station and the in-house developed scanner was supplied by Paul/Dürmentingen to a Belgian sawmill. It is the CNC controlled cross-cut system model C11_MKL for small to medium cross sections. The compact machine enables an accurate and clean cut at a very high number of cycles and offers the possibilities for partial, full, quality and value optimization. For an increased length accuracy the cross-cut station has been expanded by an outfeed length identification. It calibrates the length of every workpiece that leaves the cross-cut station, thus increasing the quality of the results.

The system is complemented by a Paul Wood Vision scanner in line with the cross-cut station. The scanner is located in the measuring station ahead of the cross-cut system, thus creating an extremely cost-effective cross-cut line for residual timber processing for this application. Maximum added value of the raw material is created by the utilization of waney-edged and tapered workpieces. The sawmill is cutting preset lengths as well as residual lengths from the residual timber pieces.

During the scanning pass, all four sides of the workpiece are detected quickly and precisely by means of laser projectors and cameras. From the obtained data the optimizing software calculates the cross section and the board geometry, thus recognizing the different quality areas of the residual timber workpiece. The software package includes all the optimizing types as well as basic statistics functions. The optimizing result is created with the aid of the value optimization and known algorithms and is then transmitted by the scan software to the cross-cut station’s MAXI 6 CNC control. The control is based on the LINUX operating system and is connected to the scan software via network. Detailed evaluations are thus also possible via the company network.

The mode of operation of the Paul Wood Vision scanner does not only make it possible to calculate the board geometry, but also to recognize knots, shakes, resin gall, wane and other wood defects or unevenness. This allows a quick, accurate and constant surface inspection. In case of difficult material the operator can influence the result by crayon marks accordingly. The new Paul Wood Vision scanner offers a sound entry into scanner technology. Due to a cost-effective acquisition price and the ease of operation it is a clever alternative and also interesting for those customers who have so far considered the acquisition of a scanner to be too high an investment.

An automatic length sorting system as well as the SA-20 auto stacker are completing the cross-cut line. All the components together make the fully automatic line for an effective utilization of residual pieces in sawmills. The perfect optimization considerably increases the raw material yield, thus enhancing productivity and economic efficiency.

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