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New Trainees Starting at PAUL

The new trainees of PAUL Maschinenfabrik in Dürmentingen with their training supervisors (from left): training supervisors Adrian Mayer and Thomas Selig, Jens Peter, Corinna Edholzer, Fabian Schäfer, Felix Mayer, Benedikt Widmann, Niclas Hugger, Tobias Rothermel, Nikolai Schaible, Jonas Reichert, Fabian Leichtle as well as training foremen Rudolf Frick and Josef Dreher.

The new training year of PAUL Maschinenfabrik started on 1st September. The number of trainees has been reduced to ten this year, but the training workshop has nevertheless been extended in view of the future.

The training workshop has a new location within the new production hall and has been extended to 800 m². Among other things, the obtained space makes it possible to accommodate a new CNC 2-axes universal lathe with powered tools. This ensures training according to the state of the art.

Together with the new industrial mechanics and mechatronic engineers as well as the new industrial clerk, PAUL presently employs 54 trade and commercial trainees as well as two vocational university students. Four training supervisors, including two foremen, are imparting practical training contents to them in the new training workshop, supplemented by the work at the factory/in the office.

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