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Ripping Systems

We offer ripping systems for the sawmill, solid timber and panel industries with unlimited product diversity and scope for combination. We will be pleased to assist you in project processing your own individual ripping system.

Please choose your field of application.

Solutions for the sawmill industry

The sawmill product range encompasses classical machines for edging and ripping boards and planks. Automatic feed systems provide the necessary degree of automation and contribute towards optimizing throughput times and timber yield. [more]

Solutions for the solid wood industry

We provide wide-ranging solutions for the solid timber industry. This field of application encompasses the ripping of solid timber boards, soft and hard woods, glued laminated timber, gluelam beams, glue-laminated construction timber, log cabin beams and timber formwork beams. [more]

Solutions for the panel industry

We offer a wide range of application solutions for panel ripping. In this area particularly, our outstanding flexibility is brought to bear. Our multirip saws are ideally suited for ripping panels such as chipboard, MDF, hard fibre or plywood panels and for ripping thin films or porous materials. As well as for cutting plastics, mineral wool, fibre-reinforced cement slabs, cardboard and many other types of material. Its field of application is almost unlimited. Our multirip saws are also designed for grooving in a wide range of different geometries. Both continuous and intermittent grooves can be created. [more]

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