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Solutions for the Solid Wood Industry

Scheme Ripping
Scheme Ripping
System for ripping the top layer of finished parquet
System for ripping the top layer of finished parquet

We supply machines for ripping all types of solid wood. The application range is varied: Furniture producers, parquet manufacturers, the pallet and formwork industry, kitchen producers and the crate, window and coffin industry are all good customers of ours. As the fields of application are both varied and also highly individual, we offer a suitable solution to address every conceivable need.

Our machine range includes the following models:


Circular Rip Saw K34V/1000

A power pack designed to address the most stringent production requirements. This machine is a circular rip saw with movable saw bushes, designed to rip hard and soft wood up to 940 mm wide. It combines the essential features of a classic multirip saw and circular edger in one machine: High-quality cutting edges by means of a precise feed system and an optimal yield by means of movable saw bushes can be achieved on this machine. This multirip circular saw stands for top output, flexibility and productivity.


Compact Rip Saw CGL

CGL is particularly suitable for selective ripping and edging of solid wood and production of first-class cutting edges, affording an impressive list of outstanding design features:

  • Simple tool change thanks to the easily accessible overhead saw shaft
  • Completely enclosed with integrated dust and sound proofing
  • Extremely sturdy construction for a driving power of up to 90 kW (125 HP)
  • Compact design
  • Four bottom feed rollers and four top rollers both before and after the saw shaft guarantee accurate timber guidance
  • Quick positioning of up to four movable saw bushes and two splitting wedges

Rip Saw, Series Q


The machines of the Q series feature a combination of chain bed and roller feed system, combining the benefits of feed rollers (very robust, low maintenance, cost-effective, excellent chip removal) and chain bed (highly accurate workpiece guidance). The chain bed takes over the workpiece guidance ensuring optimum alignment with the zero line. The feed rollers provide for optimum workpiece transport. Thanks to this innovative feed concept the model Q machines achieve highest quality for a perfect glue-line precision cut.

The Q Series:

    • 4 independently moving saw bushes
    • Motor power max. 90 kW
    • Opening width 750 mm
    • Max. cutting height 100 mm
    • Min. timber length 500 mm
    • For hardwood and softwood

      Multirip Saws of the K34G Series

      The K34G model series is extremely varied. The machines are particularly distinguished by their great versatility. They are ideally suited for sawing, grooving, edging on both sides, ripping raw boards and cutting complete veneer packs. The unusually large opening widths of up to 3000 mm meet a wide range of applications. The different models come with one or two saw shafts positioned optionally top or bottom.

      K34-O/800 GL

      Multirip Saw K34-O for Solid Wood

      Ripping and edging solid wood, in particular dried hardwood boards of short length. The machines feature a vertically adjustable overhead saw shaft. The tools can be spaced at virtually any intervals directly on the saw shaft by using spacer rings.
      Model K34-O is available with a saw shaft rotating against the feed or optionally with the feed as a climb-cutting version. The boards are accurately guided by non-slip top and bottom feed rollers. Drive for the feed rollers is provided via cardan shafts to ensure high feed rates and a long service life.


      Automatic Infeed Systems

      The aim of a feed system is to achieve optimum performance linked to best material utilisation and profit maximisation. In combination with the various rip saws supplied by PAUL, it is possible to develop a solution for every possible application.

      Our feed systems are ideally suited for square-edged and waney-edged board material and are available in a wide range of equipment configurations depending on requirements. Fully automatic feeding systems with scanner provide optical detection of defects such as knots, cracks and other typical defects found in timber and automatically determine the optimum ripping combination.
      Buffer storage and transport systems take care of seamless infeed, and so ensure minimal workpiece throughfeed times.

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