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Solutions for the Panel Industry

We supply machines for ripping all kinds of panels:

  • Particle board, paper-coated
  • Particle board, veneered
  • OSB
  • LVL
  • MDF
  • Glulam
  • Wood fiberboard
  • Laminate flooring material
  • Laminated wood
  • Plywood, paper-coated
  • Multilayer solid wood
  • Multilayer cork
  • Lightweight furniture panels
  • Corrugated board
  • Rigid foam, glass fiber coated
  • Rigid foam, aluminium coated
  • PVC
  • Rigid foam
  • Polymer
  • Honey-combed plastics
  • GFRP
  • CFRP
  • Fiber cement
  • Wood-wool building slabs
  • Mineral wool
  • etc.

As the fields of application are both varied and highly individual, we offer a suitable solution to cover every kind of assignment. Our supply range encompasses not only stand-alone machines but also project-processed complete solutions offering a high degree of automation.

Our machine range includes the following models:


Multirip Circular Saws Series M34

The unusually large opening widths of the PAUL M34 series from 800 up to 3000 mm meet a wide range of applications.

These machines are meant for use in all fields of industry: in sawmills and in the furniture industry, for the production of parquetry and laminated flooring, pallets, concrete moulds, kitchen front panels, glued up panels, cement-bonded particle boards, profile strips, door skins, in packaging, window, bed and coffin factories, in the plastics or cardboard industry and in many other application areas.


Multirip Saws of the K34G Series

This model series is extremely versatile. The machines are characterized in particular by their universal application scope:

  • Ripping panels up to 2900 in width
  • Profiling all kinds of workpieces
  • Opening widths from 800 to 3000 mm
  • Grooving on one side from above or below

This model series is capable of machining wide-ranging material types including chipboard, MDF, hard fibre and plywood panels, plastics, cork, cardboard, laminate and OSB panels.



Panel Rip Saw K34VARIO

Sawing or hogging from the bottom against the feed is a basic construction principle of our multirip saws. This principle has also been adopted on the K34VARIO. Independent saw heads are individually positioned via the CNC control. Hogger units arranged ahead of the rip saws and the facility to move the tool heads into a parking position outside the cutting area ensure maximum flexibility in terms of strip width and number of strips. These flexible and variable tool heads have given the machine the name VARIO.


Profiling Rip Saw K34G-OUR for Bed Slats

This model has been specifically developed for ripping and profiling curved bed slats. The panels are ripped and profiled in a single pass. This saves a number of work steps and achieves a major increase in output, so maximizing profits. Thanks to the curved arrangement of the feed rollers the K34G-OUR is suitable for processing curved panels with a bending radius of approx. 3–9 m into bed slats. The machine features a top and a bottom saw shaft rotating against the feed. Both shafts are designed for use with special profiling tools.


Multirip Circular Saw K34GB with Belt Feed System

Instead of feed rollers the K34GB uses a belt to feed the workpieces, which offers a broader field of applications. This technology not only ensures a stable support in the area of the saw blades, but also allows panels with crosswise interrupted surfaces (e.g. panels with glued on rails) as well as panels of different materials with structured surfaces to be ripped practically free of drift and to the most stringent standard of precision.

The working widths of these machines range from 690 to 1390 mm. They are suitable for ripping and grooving a multitude of materials, from soft mineral wool to hard materials, such as CFRP or fiber cement.


Multirip Saws for Panels up to 150 mm thick

The heavy-duty high-performance PAUL SK series multirip saws are specifically designed for ripping panels (OSB, OSL, LVL and particle board) of up to 150 mm in thickness. The machines are available in opening widths of 900–2200 mm (wider models on inquiry) and can be equipped with either just a bottom or top and bottom saw shafts.

Panel rip system
Panel rip system

Automatic Feeding Systems

PAUL multirip saws are ideally suitable for incorporation into throughfeed panel sizing lines. They can be used for both longitudinal and transverse ripping operations. The feeding systems available range from the simple solution using an inclined roller conveyor with fence up to the fully automatic, highly efficient alignment station where each workpiece is aligned by means of cameras and image processing. [more]

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