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Solutions for the Sawmill Industry

max. 225 mm workpiece thickness
max. 225 mm workpiece thickness

We offer wide-ranging solutions to the sawmill industry – ever since 1948 when we delivered the first double circular edger with a welded machine frame. We now offer every conceivable type of woodworking machine following the frame saw from large, heavy-duty circular saws suitable for resawing through to solid rip saws and edgers used for the manual edging of boards and planks and for batten cutting.
Every one of our machines offers facility for equipment with a wide range of optimal accessories designed to achieve the requisite degree of automation:

  • Laser guide light system for alignment and division of material for cutting
  • Offcut separator for automatic separation of edged material
  • Automatic roller height adjustment systems
  • Sawdust shakers for separation of sawdust and offcuts and much more


We offer the right machine for every conceivable requirement:


Heavy-Duty Circular Edgers / Ripsaws Series KME2

The classic machines for the manual edging of boards and planks, and for multi-ripping, are the circular edgers of the KME2 and BM series. In mechanical, electric or hydraulic configurations, with up to 4 independently movable saw bushes, driving power up to 75 kW and continuously variable feed rate, they are in use in practically every sawmill.
Since the production of this machines in the early 50‘s, PAUL has established a reputation as a highly competent and efficient woodworking machinery manufacturer. Today over 8000 our circular edgers are in use worldwide.
Sawmill operators appreciate the benefits of this machine series.

  • Compact, enclosed construction
  • Robust, welded steel structure
  • Rigid, distortion-free frame
  • All parts machined with utmost precision
  • Rotating shafts running in encapsulated, dust-proof ball bearings
  • Main shaft hard chrome-plated and carried in three bearings
  • For motors up to 75 kW
  • Free space beneath the shaft and the bottom rollers
  • Proven thousands of times

Circular edger / ripsaw KME3

Circular edger / ripsaw KME3 combines the tried and tested benefits of the model KME2 circular saw with a range of new developments.

The key improvements:

  • LINUX-based CNC control system
  • Hydraulically adjustable top roller pressure
  • Hydraulic feed with reverse gear
  • Modular design for customer-oriented requirements
  • Servo laser for maximum operating convenience
  • Simple tool change

Max. processing height

160 mm
Max. opening width950 mm
Max. saw shaft drive output90 kW
Max. saw blade adjustments4

S-Series Heavy-Duty Circular Edgers and Multirip Saws

The PAUL S-models are heavy, robust and powerful machines, designed for extremely heavy-duty work. The arrangement of the climbing top feed rollers and fixed bottom rollers ensures accurate guidance of the material being cut. The pressure applied by the top rollers is reinforced hydraulically. The models in the S series, designed for manual or automatic loading, are suitable for a multitude of applications:

  • as a resaw machine for cants up to 225 mm thick
  • as an edger or multirip saw for the processing of boards and planks
  • as a particularly powerful machine with a driving power of up to 250 kW
  • as a universal machine for ripping non-timber materials such as mineral wool, etc.
  • combined with an automatic infeed system for maximum productivity with minimum labour cost

Climb-Cutting Machines of the SGL Series

The climb-cutting machines of the SGL series offer maximum working safety, high yield, smooth waste and edgings removal and guarantee an optimum guidance of the saw blade. Thanks to the workpiece support in the sawing area a high dimensional accuracy is achieved. The offset-free cut surfaces produced on the S/GL eliminate the need for taking account of any planing allowance if planing is required after ripping. The reduced cutting pressure requires less power and helps to save energy.

Automatic Optimizing Edger AB920
Automatic Optimizing Edger AB920

Automatic Optimizing Edger

The aim of a feed system is to achieve optimum performance linked to
best material utilisation and profit maximisation. In combination with
the various rip saws supplied by PAUL, it is possible to develop a solution
for every possible application.
In the toughly competitive world of the modern sawmill industry, automated complete solutions play an ever more important role. Against the backdrop of rising raw material prices and the high volume requirement for raw wood, steps must be taken to cut down on storage periods and to optimize throughput times. Automatic feed systems are an ideal way to maximize the material flow and ensure an optimum wood yield.


Edging and Ripping System POWER_RIP

The POWER_RIP has been designed for high throughput rates and optimum yield, utilizing high-grade components that are perfectly coordinated via a CNC control.

Benefits of the POWER_RIP:

  • Maximum equipment up-time
  • Profit maximization by optimum yield results and area optimization
  • State-of-the art measuring technology for highest edging accuracy
  • Space-saving measuring during transverse throughfeed
  • Increased material throughput by separating the edging and ripping operations
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