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The Story of the PAUL CNC Cross-Cut Systems

1976 We developed for the first time a numerically controlled (NC) cross-cut system (series 20) for large timber cross-sections. The particular aim here was the rapid and accurate positioning to precise crosscuts of different but pre-programmed lengths.
1979 As microprocessors became popular, a CNC control (with a small monochrome monitor) was developed on the basis of the existing NC control, with a length optimization program, witch, in principle, works the same today.
1983 Model series 12 for smaller cross-sections was introduced, after it had been established that there was a greater market for smaller and faster models. At the same time we introduced our own CNC multi-processor system, advanced for its time.
1988 Meanwhile, competition was brisk - the model 12 series was superseded by the model 14 series. This completely revised design took account of the design-dependant weak points of its predecessor, and is still today a proven and rapid machine.
1992 After several years of development, this year saw the start of a new generation of controls, based on the PC. This control system is universally usable for different machine types with up to 12 axes, with modular interface technology. The Paul Company has developed software and hardware for its adaption to different machines, and will continue to do so.
1994 Model 11 series was introduced for the first time as small and extremely fast machine. In a very short time it grew to be a top-selling item of the greatest market importance, and is even placed above the model 14 series in the current production range.
1997 The somewhat elderly (see 1976) model 20 was replaced by a completely redesigned new model 18 for large cross-sections.
1998 A new machine design for us "PushCut", was launched. In this concept, the timber is no longer fed by rollers, but is positioned by a push-feeder. The advantages are: particularly high cut-to-length accuracy - possibility to cut packs of timber - favorable price - simple operation even with small quantities. The disadvantage: - smaller capacity -
2002 Our machine design "PushCut" was enhanced in functionality and design.
2003 Our model series 14 was upgraded by a new design. For the new model series C14 LINUX is used as a machine operating system. This results in a new MAXI 5 control generation which is available in 2 versions: the basic version MAXI 5 Basic and the extended version MAXI 5 Premium.
2006 Saw the modification of the Push_Cut_CX pusher system. Instead of the conventional pusher, in this model series a gripper is used. The model is proving a popular sales hit as the Push_Cut_CX-Z.
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