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CNC Optimizing Cross-Cut System Series 18/24

Thanks to its sharp acceleration characteristic and a sawing capacity of up to 80 cuts per minute the cross-cut systems model 18 and 24 counts among the most efficient in its class. The basic models can be equipped with a wide range of accessories and various CNC controls and so be highly automated.

The integrated sawdust guiding system ensures a smooth dust extraction through a single dust outlet, assisted by the complete enclosure of the cross-cut saw.

Model 18/24 cross-cut systems are mostly used for cut-first applications, i.e. for the pre-cross-cutting of large cross-sections before ripping them into strips or squared beams. However, they are also suitable for the efficient length cutting of construction timber and trusses. Model 18 GE with its extra large cutting range is particularly suited to this kind of application. Processing heavy timber requires a heavy-built, distortion-free machine frame to permanently withstand the severe stresses imposed.

Just the weight of the cross-cut saw of more than two tons provides the necessary stability to cope with maximum feed and cutting requirements.

Model 18E/18KE
Model 18E/18KE
Model 18GE/18KGE
Model 18GE/18KGE
Model 24E/24KE
Model 24E/24KE
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