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CNC Optimizing Cross-Cut Line Series C11

Series C11 CNC Cross-Cut Systems
Series C11 CNC Cross-Cut Systems
Cross-Cut Station
Cross-Cut Station

Apart from the cross sectional size, the C11 series is in every way equal to the larger models:


  • Thoroughly engineered machine frame ensuring stability and durability
  • Clear construction and additional diagnostic software for maximum ease of maintenance
  • Highly efficient, maintenance-free servo systems for fast acceleration and continuous heavy duty operation
  • Over-dimensioned bearings for long service life
  • Sound enclosed design for noise reduction and improved working conditions
  • Yield optimization using tailor-made optimization algorithms for maximum increase in value
  • High reliability and uptime thanks to our many years of worldwide experience
  • Custom-tailored cross-cut systems in modular construction
  • Modular expandability to fully automatic high-efficiency systems with automatic defect identification
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