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CNC Optimizing Cross-Cut Line Series C14 II

Reliable timber infeed to the cross-cut station
Reliable timber infeed to the cross-cut station

Maximum timber yield

The C14 II is a high-performance cross-cutting machine designed for use in modern industrial timber processing plants. It is ideal for cutting heavy and difficult workpieces where high demands are placed on production speed and accuracy:

  • Max. cross-sections of 260 x 180 and 370 x 50 mm
  • Tried and tested with glue-laminated construction timber
  • 6 feed rollers
  • 30 mm steel frame
  • Mega-Top package with servo-controlled cutting stroke
  • Totally maintenance free

Enhance your output and so improve your profit with a C14 II optimizing cross-cut system.

To achieve maximum value added, we offer different optimization modes – from simple defect cutting through to quality optimization. Why not ask our sales team?

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