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CNC-Controlled Rip and Cross-Cut Systems/ Handling Equipment

Complete rip and cross-cut lines are created using a range of handling components, cross-cut systems and rip saws. Components from other manufacturers are also integrated. In particular, our cross-cut systems can be connected to all makes of scanners for automatic defect recognition. Higher feed rates, interlinking of several individual work steps and reliable transport guidance work together to make for significantly improved productivity. Operating staff are released to perform other tasks, and the safety standard is substantially improved.

CNC-Controlled Rip and Cross-Cut Systems
CNC-Controlled Rip and Cross-Cut Systems

The complete solution for automatic feed and discharge of materials

Material feedMaterial discharge
“VacuSpeed” automatic destackerMaterial marking
Tilt hoist destackerSorting
Conveyor belt transportTransverse transport
Singulation systemsAutomatic stackers
ScannersTransport to other machines
Sorting systems
Infeed systems

Rip and Cross-Cut Saws for the Sawmill Industry

Application example: automatic rip and cross cut system for board material

Arriving softwood boards are machined by a log band saw and guided towards the automatic edging system. The boards are separated and rough cut with the aid of a cross-cut trim saw. They then arrive in the automatic infeed system AB 920, where their width is measured and the optimum rip pattern computed. The edger/rip saw rips the material according to the result of the optimization process. Offcut separators ensure precise separation of cut material from offcuts. Downstream conveyor belts transport the material to the optimizing cross-cut saw, where the boards are cross-cut to the required length. Automatic stacking devices sort the board material and form packs of stacks.
Following order picking, the board material is dispatched and used as roof firring. The pallet industry is another potential buyer of this material.

Rip and Cross-Cut Systems for the Furniture Industry

Application example: Automatic rip and cross cut line for furniture components

The VacuSpeed destacker ensures seamless destacking of the material and guides it towards the multirip saw on roller tables. The material is ripped by a multirip saw K34G/2200, after which the strips are transported with the aid of a vacuum gantry to a conveyor belt. Here, the material is fed towards a cross-cut system. The CNC-controlled optimizing cross-cut system cuts the strips according to the specified length. Conveyor belts transport the material to stackers which stack the material onto pallets according to length.

Rip Systems for the Panel Industry

Application example: Panel rip cut saw

Arriving panels are reliably and quickly destacked by a destacker and fed towards a multirip saw K34GX/1500 by means of automatically driven roller conveyors. The multirip saw rips the panels into individual strips.

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