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We work with all leading scanner manufacturers.
A scanner is used to assess and optimize sawn and planed wood at full production speed. We offer a solution which is fully integrated both mechanically and in terms of software, and are pleased to design individual customer solutions. A scanning system offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced labour costs
    In conjunction with one, two or even three cross-cut saws, a scanner is able to replace up to nine operators per shift. In three-shift operation, this adds up to an impressive 27 employees per day
  • Increased yield
    The scanner optimizes your cut wood yield compared to manual defect marking systems by means of ultra-precise defect position determination.  A 3% improvement can always be achieved.
  • Production monitoring in real time
    The scanning system supplies real time statistics about production relative to shift, operator, supplier etc. both in the office and actually at the machine itself. Keep an eye on your timber suppliers and only pay for what you really get.
  • Increased productivity
    The scanning system is capable of processing extremely high quantities of cut wood (cross-cutting: More than 90,000 metres per shift with one scanner and three cross-cut saws). Use of the scanner permits constant material throughput. Productivity no longer depends on the efficiency of your staff. By using a scanner, it is still possible in some cases to use poor material in production and still retain the same high standard of quality in the end product.
  • Product quality improvement
    Quality does not fluctuate, but remains consistent, ensuring fewer rejects and cutting the incidence of complaints about end products.
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