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Testing and Measuring

TENSAcontrol MAXI 6 measuring and recording system
TENSAcontrol MAXI 6 measuring and recording system


The exact measurement of the prestressing force during stressing, directly and indirectly via the elongation, is of vital importance to ensure the correct force transmission to the concrete element.

TENSAcontrol, the new measuring and recording system determines the stressing pressure and elongation and stores this data.

It can then be evaluated on a PC and printed out as a stressing force diagram.

DMS force measuring unit
DMS force measuring unit

Stressing force checks after stressing are not absolutely compulsory, but can be wanted in the stressing program.

Accurate measurements can be made with the illustrated DMS force measuring unit.

The accuracy of the digital display is 0.5%.In this measuring method, the stressing jack is used to pull the tendon until the anchor grips start to move. The stressing force is read at this moment.

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