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Company profile

Since the company was founded in 1925, Paul Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG has become a worldwide leader in the manufacture of woodworking machinery and machines for the production of prestressed concrete.

We employ a total workforce of 280, making us one of the major employers and training centres in the district of Biberach. 

Our company aim was and still is to open up new markets and to be in the forefront with cutting-edge concepts. With a worldwide export ratio of 80% we assume a leading position in global markets with both of our product divisions of woodworking machinery and prestressed concrete production systems. Our machines are found in almost all the countries of the world.

Naturally, we train, support and advise our sales partners in all aspects on site. In addition, we provide service and spare parts supply spread over the whole operating lifetime of the machine. A very high vertical depth of production coupled with a highly qualified workforce and many years of experience provide our customers with the assurance of an optimum supply of materials and outstanding quality – at all times and everywhere around the world.

The PAUL main factory in Dürmentingen/Germany. The total PAUL area covers over 120.000 square meters.
headquater of PAUL
Our own training workshop
Our own training workshop


Vocational training is an important mainstay for us. A young, dynamic and motivated team are our guarantee of a successful future and of the survival of our company in the long term. We were quick to recognize the trend towards vocational training and the importance of attracting young school leavers to the world of work. In our own training workshop, we help 40 young people aspire to the career of their choice, representing a training quota of almost 20 per cent and placing us well above the national average.

A motivated workforce
A motivated workforce


We are proud to be able to claim a healthy mix of young, dynamic employees with more experienced staff members with a long record of loyalty to the company. Many of them have spent their entire working careers with us. Just as important to ensure the success of our team efforts is a broad spectrum of qualifications and personalities. We attach great importance to the know-how of our workforce – evidenced by the many innovations we are able to implement every year on the basis of our company suggestion scheme in the fields of quality improvement, labour saving and product optimization.

Scope for initiative and creativity
Scope for initiative and creativity

Corporate culture

We see our role as that of a medium-sized, sound mechanical engineering enterprise with high aspirations in terms of creativity and independence. By implementing a planar matrix-type organization which dispenses largely with hierarchies, problems can generally be dealt with promptly and humanely. An open style of management affords each employee the necessary scope for independence and self-fulfilment.

Tried and tested PAUL quality
Tried and tested PAUL quality


We believe that quality is created in the minds of our employees through a combination of motivation and experience. Our quality standard is exemplary and enjoys worldwide recognition. We have at our disposal an outfit of state-of-the-art producing machines and operating facilities for the manufacture and inspection of all machine components. Our customers worldwide are supported by a well trained and experienced service team.

Very high vertical depth of production

Depth of production

As a general rule, whatever we develop ourselves we also produce ourselves. Although this may no longer be the fashionable way to do things in this just-in-time age, we firmly believe that just this represents one of our most important strengths. We do not shy away even from developing our own software and computer hardware, and can look back on more than 35 years of experience in this sector. Because of our product range and our corporate history, internally developed hydraulic systems are in any case one of our core fields of expertise. This makes our product range very extensive, encompassing over 20000 different internally-developed components and assemblies.

Extensive spare parts warehouse
Extensive spare parts warehouse


We have a slightly different take on the just-in-time concept than other companies. We run an unusually large warehouse which allows us to provide customers with support as often and as quickly as they need it. Even spare parts for older machines are kept at the ready in our well-stocked warehouse.

Laser cuts
Laser cuts

Technical equipment

We benefit from an extensive outfit of CNC-controlled, state-of-the-art machinery: machining centres, lathes, laser cutting systems, grinding machines, and a modern painting shop tailored for our needs. We also own a comprehensive selection of self-developed special-purpose machines for the manufacture and testing of anchor wedges for prestressed concrete.

Awarded the Industry Medal
Awarded the Industry Medal


We embrace a moderated pace of progress both technically and socially, and our achievements have frequently been completed and implemented while others are still talking about them. In most cases, our success record proves us to have been right. It is not for nothing that we were able to celebrate being awarded the Industry Medal for Outstanding Services to Industry in Baden-Württemberg in 2002.

Corporate objectives

Our overriding objective is to achieve customer satisfaction through top quality and commitment to customer service, and by so doing be in a position to maintain and increase employment at our location even when outline conditions are difficult. A workforce made up of long-serving and loyal employees with sound, comprehensive expertise makes a significant contribution to the success of the company.

Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
Max-Paul-Strasse 1
88525 Dürmentingen/Germany
Telefon: +49 (0) 73 71 / 500-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 73 71 / 500-111
Mail: info@paul.eu
Web: www.paul.eu