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10 reasons why you should cooperate with us

Managing Director Werner Paul

1. Tradition and Experience - Family business instead of a big group

We see ourselves as a medium-sized and solid engineering works attaching great importance to creativity and independence. You can fall back upon our more than 85 years of experience and tradition. Endowed with a sound growth, our family business, under direction of the third generation, offers a lot of advantages a big group cannot keep up with: flat structures, fast decision paths, personally known and longstanding contact persons. Your PAUL product is not anonymously mass-produced somewhere in the world, but by qualified native employees in Germany who are working in a solid and reliable manner, using their longstanding experience and standards tried and tested many times. 'Made in Germany' is our motto, also in times of globalisation and relocations to other countries.

made in Germany

2. Quality and Reliability - Not only on paper!

From us you buy quality. You benefit from the quality-awareness of our employees which is already imparted during their own professional training. High-quality machines can only be created with a high quality-awareness! You get the latest technology with a stable machine construction. Your advantage: minimum downtimes and conversion times at maximum output.

Perfected standards can be combined in such a flexible way that customized solutions can be offered for almost all applications. We provide a reliable solution for your specific requirement. Our own development of the software and machine control and our modern production where your machine is completely built by our specialists prove this competence.


The machines of PAUL are robust and reliable.

3. Stability of value - Valuable over decades!

Your investing in our machines will be worth it. Ruggedness, high efficiency and quality will pay off for you. And if you want to convert to the next generation of our products you will get one of the world's most demanded second-hand machines. This stability of value ensures a high resale value even after many years of use.

qualified training courses

4. Service - Solid through and through!

We provide a sound and qualified training with your PAUL machine. The foundations for a solid operation of the machine are thus laid from the beginning. Should you nevertheless need any help, we won't leave you alone: with a dealer network spread all over the world and our own after-sales service and maintenance team of people that can be on the spot within a very short time you can be certain that you get the fastest possible help at any time. We are there for you whenever you need us.

large production range

5. Large Production Range - Immediately instead of "just in time"!

You take advantage of our large stock and our large range of spare parts. We do not supply you "just in time", but immediately. Our product range is remarkably extensive. It includes approx. 20000 various home-developed parts and components.

successful conclusion of an agreement

6. References - Success creates confidence!

A huge number of renowned enterprises from the most various lines of business and leading companies are today counting among our customers. They appreciate our commitment, our reliability and our know-how. Even with complex projects the successful conclusion of a project is a matter of course for us.

user-friendly machines

7. User-friendliness – Up-to-date and yet suitable for workshops!

We supply user-friendly machines that are suitable for workshops. For us the machine is a tool that must work perfectly in practice. Easy handling, easy and quick conversion possibilities, good accessibility and prompting, safe software prove that the latest electronic systems can also be very easy to operate and remain easy to grasp. A modern design rounds off the overall appearance and offers an additional motivation factor for everyday work on the machine.

qualified employees

8. Qualification / Competent employees - Well-advised at any time!

Your future contact persons are dynamic people, some of them with many years of experience and loyalty to their company. Many of them have spent and are still spending their whole professional lives in our company. This means that your contact persons remain the same over generations, which guarantees safety and security. Be a part of us!

All of our people are perfectly trained and have a comprehensive know-how as well as many years of experience in mechanical engineering. A distinct problem-solving awareness helps to find pragmatic and goal-directed solutions in difficult situations.


We do not only offer our machines to our customers, but we also use them in our own production.

9. Credibility - Knowing our own limitations!

"Eat your own dogfood", as the saying goes. And that's what we do! We do not only offer our machines to our customers, but we also use them in our own production. This creates additional confidence. We don't like to act bigger than we are. You can be sure that our proposals and solutions are feasible and work perfectly. As specialists we know what we are capable of and what others can do better. That is why for many years already we have had cooperations with other international companies that are highly competent in other segments of woodworking.

international customers

10. Customer-Orientation - Long-term partnership and high confidence!

By customer-orientation we understand to offer you a first-class customer service as well as a long-term cooperation as partners. With many of our customers we have already been cooperating for several decades. In difficult situations the mutual confidence avoids problems and leads to a goal-directed solution instead.

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